For the past few hours since around 10.30pm yesterday until 10 minutes ago, this website is loading extremely slow.

The problem was started around 10.30pm. I found that the website is loading quite slow, so I thought of enabling CDN and WP-supercache feature for the blog on top of the gzip compression which is already using.

But it turns out that WP-supercache is somehow crashing with another plugins.
I assume it could be crash with the gzip compression.
Although I disabled it, but it seems like it did done something to the database due to the crashing.
It is causing the website become extremely slow and using a lot of CPU load as well as memory.

Due to the database crashed, I decided to restore yesterday’s database.
The site is now working properly and the problem is resolved.

The only thing that is effected is the hits statistic where I have lost the statistic of 4th May 2010.

You may now access the site without problem now.