Technology Devices Christmas Tree

Still have no idea how to make decorate your Christmas tree so that it will be unique?
Here is 1 example you may refer for decorating your Christmas tree.

Tech Xmas tree

There is a lot of IT stuff hanging on this Christmas tree.
So far what I found is CDs, mouse, network card, routers & modems, RAM, some parts of the CD-ROM, original Windows CD, floppy disk and a power supply.

This picture is using a CD as the Christmas tree star. It is too boring I think.
If you have a P1 Wimax modem, it can be a very good choice to be use as the Christmas tree star.
Why? Because the red light will be keep on blink non stop, so it is the best choice to be use as the Christmas tree light.

I am planning to make a Christmas tree like this in my office and put my P1 Wimax modem on the top as the star, coz it will be confirm blink all the time.

So start make a Christmas tree like this 1 for your Christmas!

potong xmas tree

PPP: The luck arches the closing ozone.

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  • Not bad wor~ looks quite cool.
    I change my blog btw:)

    Merry Christmas^^

  • @kelvin,
    Merry Xmas bro
    enjoy ur holiday

  • haha speaking of recycling!! 😛 merry christmas, bro!! have a great year ahead!
    .-= –==Grey

  • actually some of the things on this xmas tree is still usable