P1 MF230
I was lucky enough to get a review unit of this P1 Mifi ToGo™ plans, which is a MF 230 WiMax modem.

Here is a quick view on how the modem looks like.
P1 Mifi

At front, there are 3 LED which the first is the WiMax signal indicator, the 2nd ones is is Wifi indicator, and the 3rd ones is the power LED.
The WiMax signal LED will be in 3 colours. When in red, it means very weak signal. When orange, means everage signal strength, and when it is green, means the WiMax signal is strong. And of course, no light means no signal at all.

While at the back of the modem, you can see the label stated its MAC address, the unit’s default Wifi SSID as well as its Wifi WPA key.

This P1 MF230 MiFi is slightly smaller than a cigarette box size, same height as a cigarette box, and slimmer than a cigarette box.

A more detail review on this MF230 MiFi modem will be up at the next post, and I will be showing you more about its capability as well as detail review on its specification.