Santa Garfield

There is only 10 more days left to Christmas.
As I said in one of my previous post, I might give out some Christmas presents from this blog.
So, here you are now.

Originally I thought of doing some competition and let people fight for it to win. But hey, it is Christmas! It isn’t right for people to fighting each other to get something, right?
So, I am giving away the presents to anyone who visit to this blog, and those who want the presents. Even my enemies can request for this Christmas present, if they dare to accept it. Lol

So, what is the presents?
Well, it is just usual things that I always give away in this blog. But this time is a bit different.
Previously, I always give away web hosting accounts and sub-domain names.
This time I will give away a top level domain and a web hosting account. Plus WordPress will be installed by default if you wanted to use WordPress with the hosting!

So what is the specs of the hosting account?
You may check it out at

  • 300MB Disk Space
  • 10GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 7 MySQL Databases
  • 6 Sub Domains & 6 Addon Domains
  • FTP Access
  • And A Lot More

Just go to the link I provided above if you want to read more about the specs of the hosting account that I am going to give away.

And how bout the domain name?
I’m sure your are expecting for a .com domain.
Sorry, I am not that rich to give everyone a .com domain name yet.
It is a .tk domain name. Example:
Some of you might know that a .tk domain name is a free domain name service. But you need to have at least 25 unique hits within every 3 months time to make sure the domain name stays active.
While for mine, the ones that I will give you does not require any minimum hits limits.

So whats the catch?
Nothing. As long as you are not running a porn, warez, copyright infringement materials and anything illegal, you are free to use this present until anytime.
By the way, for the hosting, you have to have at least 5 hits every month. It is because the server have a system where it will purge all unused account every month to save the space of the servers.

So if you want the present, go to the 2nd page of this article and fill up the form.