Potong Ar? Potong Your Lanciao Or Phone Line?


Everyone who use Internet in Malaysia now keep on talk about “Eh, potong good or not?”
This picture below will tell you the answer if you have this question.

potong already

I have Streamyx, Celcom & P1 Wimax now.
But I will not talk about Celcom here, since this topic is about potong or not.

For Streamyx, I have very bad experience with their customer service. When got problem, I always call to their call center. Their customer used to make me heart attack. But now, the quality of their customer service had improved a lot. Those voice that used to make me heart attack is no longer there anymore, a lot of new voice and with better quality. The most important thing, these new people won’t make you piss off until heart attack.

While for speed and stability, undeniable, it is much more better than P1 Wimax.

P1 Wimax always claim that they are the “Download King”, how true is that?
It used to be true for a while when they just start. I used to say P1 Wimax speed is fast and it is consider stable among all wireless Internet service. But this no longer true as I found that they already oversold their bandwidth.

P1 Wimax is no longer stable like last time. Yeah, it is normal that a wireless Internet connection is not stable, but unstable until like 3G, it is totally unacceptable.

On speed wise, I can tell you it is awful. It is much more slower than what you paid for. Although they said the speed is on best effort basis, but it is really horrible! People said that Streamyx is on best effort basis and it is sucks. But in this case, P1 Wimax is much more worse. P1 1.2mps package can only perform on less than 50% of its speed at most of the time. Sometimes even worse, lower than 50% of its speed!!! While Streamyx 1mbps, can perform up to 80% most of the time. Sometimes my Streamyx 1mbps can boost up to 1.8mbps at midnight(at the time everyone already sleep). While in midnight, P1 Wimax is still on 50% of its speed.

On stability, Streamyx is still win on this. P1 Wimax has frequent disconnected, no matter there is disruption of frequency or not. For people who do not do SSH connection to servers, you might not aware about this. It is very annoying that you have to keep on reconnect to the server due to this type of disconnection, it is making me wasting a lot time and not able to finish my work earlier.

While I am on Streamyx connection, the connection never drop, unless there is some problem on their network side which is not happen always(about once or twice a month). Compare to P1 Wimax every half an hour, it is like heaven and hell. Streamyx is a wired connection after all, so the stability of the Internet connection is undeniable. P1 Wimax is wireless, so if there is someone around playing remote control car, you might be also disconnected due to the frequency disruption as well. Wired is always better than wireless, this is why you never see servers connected to the network switch via wireless in datacenters.

Now talk about their DNS server. Streamyx DNS server used to update very slow, this has improved greatly and their DNS cache is updated every 15 minutes, compared to last time, it was updated every 24 hours. I pointed my new domains to my servers, it is able to resolve the DNS just after 5 minutes sometimes. While for P1 Wimax, damn, 48 hours to 72 hours! Damn long! Sometimes it even lost the DNS records of some domain name! I am wondering how P1 Wimax configure their DNS server!

P1 Wimax is famous to be able to reach some of the famous sites very fast, but do you know what is the reason? The sites is saved in cache. You are actually accessing the outdated cache files most of the time, not the latest ones. Although the database of the sites might be the most updated ones, but the modified images or anything of the sites, you might be not viewing the latest ones. For some forums, they even cache the sites database that was loaded before. This is why you sometimes see people is scolding about they viewed the forum post which they already see a few days ago and not able to see the updated ones when they using P1 Wimax. Although this problem has been rectified recently, but there is still some sites will be cached. People have to use OpenDNS which is the 3rd party DNS server to see the latest stuff!

You might ask why they cache it? Very simple, it make them looks like their Internet service is fast, and also they are saving the bandwidth. By not loading the page all over again, means the out going connection is not loaded, hence they can save the bandwidth for other users who need to see new contents where they don’t have the cache. From what I see, they already disabled this thing recently, I’m not so sure about this, coz I am not able to test this as those sites I always browse are sites that need to be updated recently such as facebook. Their network speed become much much more slower maybe is also because of this.

So conclusion, they do not have that big pipe, but they still take more and more subscribers. It has become damn congested now. Streamyx is also oversell, but at least TM Net has a much much more bigger pipe to serve the customers compare to the tiny pipe that P1 Wimax have.

On price wise, P1 Wimax win. It is cheaper than Streamyx.
But are you willing to pay cheaper for something that is only able to be use until less than 50%? I’m not willing. If compare to Streamyx, at least I am able to use until 80% of the quality I paid for. Although if we pay 100%, we should get 100%. But since 80% is the best choice currently available, I rather go for the 80% option. On stability wise, Streamyx already is the best choice for me to able to do my work without interruption. Furthermore, the rest of the comparison, Streamyx is still win.

Now TM Net has put up a new advertisement to fight back P1 Wimax’s “Potong!” advertisement.

Why Potong?

For the first time, I am agree with TM Net’s advertisement. This time they are really not boasting like their old advertisements.

See the guy in the advertisement? I most of the time also have to do the same like this feller, although I am in P1 Wimax green signal area! Some people might be not having this problem, you are lucky. But still, you will not be able to get as much as you paid for. P1 Wimax is extremely oversell!!!

So if you are at P1 Wimax orange signal area, do not even think of subscribing P1 Wimax at all, or else you will be the person in the TM Net’s advertisement! Don’t be as sohai as me, wasting money and get tied up 1 year with P1 Wimax!(Luckily I just sign up for 1 year only!!!)

If you wanted to subscribe Streamyx, any package, just email me at [email protected] with your photo copy of your I/C, previous month phone bill. I will settle for you as I am a Streamyx agent. For business application, email me the business owner/director’s I/C, previous month phone bill and the company registration photo copy.

I used to be ashamed that I am a Streamyx agent. But after I used Streamyx, Celcom(Depends on area), P1 Wimax(I almost fall down from the window for getting signal), Maxis(Returned modem at the next day as it is totally crap!), U Mobile(Same as Celcom, as it is on Celcom infrastructure) & Izzy(Borrow from my friend, and found that it is also a crap!), I am proud to be a Streamyx agent now!

To P1 Wimax, sorry, I am not selling for you anymore! I only sell good things to my clients!

So, don’t potong! Keep you lanciao! Don’t cut it away! You will regret!

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  • Looks like streamyx still the best in Malaysia? In Penang, I heard PenangFon is not bad.

  • yeah, coz penangfon, metrofon is using direct network cable, just like LAN in home/office network, thats y the speed is fast.

    but too bad, their coverage is very very less, not much place have their service…

  • streamyx is not that bad, seldom la to get super slow line unless there’s cable problem w.e they call it like that. most of the time they shine here at home (kl), and to download with no bandwidth limit is the best thing.

    i’m using maxis too at campus (uniten), just because streamyx didn’t offer wifi service sigh.. celcom always get complains there, told my friends not to get celcom but they still insist, just because of it’s popularity =.=? wah comment too long sorry lol

  • no problem, the longer is ur comment, the more happy i am

    Yeah, Celcom have to depends on area, same does Maxis.

    This is why I don’t really encourage people to use 3G connection at home or for daily use. 3G is only suitable for mobility use such as when I go meet client at cafes that do not have Wifi service.

    while P1 Wiggy, it is out of consideration as their coverage is not a much as we think. A lot of place still cannot get their signal yet. Plus, the damn bad experience I have with P1, i will not bring that stupid “Willy” around!

    P1 Wiggy and the big modem one, speed also same awful!

    Thats y, y cut your original Lanciao and carry around an artificial “Willy” around?


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  • KF

    i dunno why so many ppl complaining on streamyx though generally the speed is quite OK on most of the days, just not most of the time.. perhaps getting better a certain peirod of time eg at night compared to the afternoon time..
    well, come on.. how many users surf net in the afternoon.. there will be millions.. office, domestic, shops, restaurant and list goes on.. just be a bit patience on the speed.. you can do dl at night time..
    and it is great for you to view your opinion through this post as i think you are the most qualified person to give statement as u are the Streamyx user and was/ are on Celcom, P1 Wimax, Maxis, U Mobile, Celcom & Izzy.
    btw, i really dislike the POTONG ads.. its something not ethical to word to use potong plus how can the advertise everything look superior when their service is sucks.. even the Ministry in charge of Woman stages protest on this ads..in the ads, there is a man cutting the chicken using the big chopper.. and he raise up and ask another guy ‘you want me to help u potong’.. giving a very unpleasant impression..

  • @KF,
    these ppl say streamyx sux coz they are in typical Malaysian mindset lar.

    They thought new things is better than old things, even without trying the new things yet.

    i really hope that Malaysian can change the mindset to accept something new where no one using yet and see whether it is good or not. if not good, dun just simply accept just because of trend. if it is good, help to promote it and make it better…

    for me, i like to test new things and give comments on it. if new things is good, i will accept it and promote it, if old things is much better, then i will let ppl know the old things is actually much better.

    but Malaysian just like to follow trends without even think of the quality….

    about the advertisement of P1, yeah, it is very insulting.
    even the USB Modem of them, they go and named it “Wiggy” also is because they wanted to use sex appeal to attract more attention. this is very unethical.

    honestly, i had spent so much money and tried so many ISP, but i think it worth it. at least i am able to recommend the best ones to my client. but again, i had wasted too much money on this, hahahaha

    • And the irony is P1 got their own wiggly wang potong~!!!
      That Michael Lai guy is my boss’s best friend and old colleague and I know a lot of his back story. When I first found out that fella is behind p1, I’m like, wow, sh!t will hit the fan very soon and it does~

  • LOL….Good post. Streamyx is bad but they still have the best broadband service and quality in Malaysia. πŸ˜€

  • For wireless broadband, Celcom la… P1 really KNS to the max, not working all day long until after 12am everybody sleep, overusing their bandwidth the whole day.

  • @Tony Wan,
    yeah, this is y i am able to tolerate their customer service and continue to use their service.

    hahaha, u also a “Potong” victim, ar?

  • i’ve been using streamyx since it started..
    never tried any other broadband before..
    oh wait.. got la.. in my uni.. extreme broadband.. and it sucks.. or maybe because many students are living in the hostel..

    about P1’s publicity.. i think it’s very misleading..
    potong what la.. keep on potong and cut cut.. sian.. -.-

    but streamyx’s new ad also about not cutting.. also about cut.. sian.. lol..

    anyway, i’ll still stick with streamyx.. P1’s coverage hasnt reached my place.. even if it does.. i wont cut.. cut for what.. cut your head la… =P

  • I really hate when those P1 promoter suddenly jump in front of me and ask,
    “want to touch my wiggy?”

    they are acting like moron and maniac! they don’t know how to respect female!

  • Streamyx’s customer service has improved somewhat. For now am still using this service as it is alright for me. But I guess there’s still room for improvement.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  • Hi There,

    Can i have your a/c number for further investigation?

    our feel free to drop your complaint to [email protected]

    we from p1 online social media team will try to help out πŸ™‚

    Thanks and have a nice day.

    best regards,



  • @Asha,
    Yup, Streamyx is getting better now, plus now i am ok with their customer service. those who ask u to do “ipconfig /flushdns”, “connect the phone line direct without the splitter” kind of ppl now longer there, now the customer service is more professional already.

    @P1 Buddy,
    No offense, but giving u my A/C number means giving u my address and my I/C number. Since I already write this article, I am already having the risk of getting sue, although it is a justified truth as stated in the law. But in our country here, the person who are more influence always win, so justified truth is nothing in our law now.

    About emailing, I will email, but I will not enclose my A/C number. You can say I am paranoid, but it is a step for self protection.

  • Streamyx still the Best..no matter how bad is It!

  • since that streamyx got challenger , streamyx maybe can be better, maybe..

  • @Mr J,
    hope so,
    anyway, i hope that the HSBB (10mbps plan) will have wider coverage as i hope to subscribe that package.

    i really need 10mbps for my work

  • Gan

    i think i m not going to change my TM Streamyx to P1 W1max.. wire is more stable.. πŸ˜€

  • Great one!

    It would be great if got including DiGi Internet/3G. ^^

  • @Gan,
    yeah, those who seeking for stability and go for P1 Wimax is actually doing something very stupid. coz they will never get what they think they will get.

  • wah nice posting!
    Im a streamyx agent too. And yes streamyx has improved alot. I use to be maxis users celcom and digi…All suxs…

  • @Damian,
    Actually digi consider good among all 3G such as maxis, celcom, izzy, etc.
    at least digi is more stable than other 3G. but it is way too expensive.

    but no matter now, 3G and 4G will not able to replace wired connection.

    anyway, Damian, how many % u get for ur streamyx sales?

  • Rehan

    I feel the same too…TM streamyx is my first ISP forever and ever….. yaa

  • @Rehan,

    for me, if there is another wired ISP which is better than Streamyx, i will support also.
    but now since Streamyx is the most reliable internet connection which is available at most places, i will stand on streamyx side.


  • P1 W1MAX that bad??? Currently I’m sharing my brothers wifi (streamyx) and just subscribed to Maxis. Was thinking to get P1 but since I’ve read your report, I’ll wait till they improve.

  • @Ex DIGI subscriber,
    as long as they do not oversell and cheat ppl who not in the coverage to use their service, they will be able to improve.
    but first, they must give wat customer paid for, not lock until 256kbps for 1.2mbps users. this is called cheating…







  • hahaha, welcome to the gang, most of the ppl who commented in this article is also P1’s victim who get conned, including me





    JANGAN POTONG!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol, this is why i write this article and ask ppl not to potong….

    currently i am on the way building a p1sucks website to let all P1 victim to gather there, something like screamyx.com.

    i will announce one the website is completed

  • actually,we need to find ways to promote this to everyone in malaysia,cuz before i sign my contract with P1,i didn’t search for P1’s information at all
    so we have to at least make this into the top 5 of google search for P1


  • @Harimakun,

    i used to think P1 is good, it was when the time that they just started, about 1 year plus ago i think, the speed was good that time.
    but now when they start grow, they start to become like shit, and they already dun have enough bandwidth but still keep on sell.

    after i completed they website, i will start promote it and get more ppl to support!

    and by the way, to those who already potong, no need to wait until contract finish, just apply for streamyx back, coz if not, u will not even able to access the internet also without any interruption

  • can’t wait for the HSBB although i will have to convince my dad to upgrade lols.. they already begin installing fiber optics from what i’ve heard hohoho

  • @nesca,
    the current Streamyx network is actually already on fiber optics, just that the fiber optics network they have now is 1Gbps from 1 station to another station and using out dated DSLAM from Hua Wei and Lucents (TM Net use old models coz price is cheaper).

    it looks like TM Net wanted to built a completely new network with new network devices for HSBB, which it is also DSL broadband network. this is actually a good news.

    but most probably at some area where not so much ppl is using 4mMbps Streamyx, TM Net will also using existing network for the HSBB since what they need to do is just change some configuration, other word, save cost.

    It is not something bad as HSBB is also DSL connection anyway

  • Bill

    wow, you all so lucky having good experience with steamyx, garfield saying steamyx no more those teaching flushdns and connect directly amateur right, too bad for me, still they’re around, all fucking non-sense too, worst is i called their customer service, no one answer or just off the fucking customer service hotline, totally no tone at all, like that number is fake for preview only.

    And my company also using steamyx, we sign for corp plan, no ordinary home plan, i call for help, need them to perform reset, no one answer, email them, reply after a week, we are the recruitment firm, connection and phone are our tools to get liaise with client and candidate, after one weeks their representative reply me with how can i assist you, i replied with it was too late…

    luckily on internet disconnected morning we encountered, i called for more than 3 hour, got someone answer and fix it for us at the end, otherwise i think my boss will issue them lawyer letter to sue, cause it really will screw our business.

    Guys, don’t misunderstand i on p1 site or maxis or either digi site, i only used streamyx at the moment, never experience with other yet, just want to say don’t give too many compliment to streamyx (they might get sombong), i can feel a tiny improve on their speed when p1 showing the potong advertisement, but now, steamyx turn back to their original worst mode again.

    Like my brother said, spent so much money to make advertisement just to fight back p1 for what, better use those money to improve the hardware facility, this is the only way to prove their are the true big brother of broadband services in malaysia.


  • @Bill,
    when was the last time u called them?
    U called 100 or what?
    If call 100, choose English option.
    Those ppl who speak English do better works.
    Of course, if you didn’t tell them the result of ur diagnostic, they will have to ask u to do those things as their according to their guidelines.

    If u from that start, tell them the result of ur own diagnostic, they will straight skip those silly step and directly do port reset or file a report for you.

    And by the way, when u call them, don’t just say “Tak boleh connect” only.
    If you see the DSL light is keep on blinking or unstable, u have to tell them that directly. If you see the speed drop like hell and the DSL light is not unstable, you also have to tell them that.

    If you do not know how to even get the problem solved by calling them, email me and let me know, I will make the calls for you and get the problem rectified and of course, I will have to charge you some service charge since I am providing the diagnostic service for the Internet line.

    Sometimes, problems is really caused by the modem/router itself.
    Out of 10 Internet connection problem cases I solved, it is up to 3 out of 10 was caused by faulty devices.

    If you are unable to do the diagnostic on your side yourself, you should seek for IT services to do the work, since your are using the line for the company for business.

  • Michael Lai

    Hi Peeps,

    If you guys still have any issue on p1, can contact this number and explain what the issue you have.

    Michael Lai

  • Erm… Micheal ar, this post is already 3 years ago ler.
    The last response is also 2 years ago ler.
    Now only you come and respond here ar?
    So Micheal, is this your personal cellphone number?
    If yes, I might going to call you about the crazy cancellation fees which is damn expensive, and the charges continue to pile up although the service is already cut!

  • Moringo

    Hey garfield, can i email u regarding streamyx problem? Stumbled upon your site here after doing some searches on wifi problem. Hoping you might be familiar with streamyx since you re a streamyx agent as well as user yea?

    I really hope streamyx will improve its stability since I ve tried maxis broadband and celcom. Somehow Streamyx still satisfies me.. πŸ˜€

    • @Moringo,
      for streamyx issues, usually it depends on area.
      Mostly the problems are caused by the DSLAM or something of that area.
      So it would be best if u contact TM to solve your problem…

      • Moringo

        Hmmm, I ve actually called them and explained whats the problem. Long story short, it seems that the problem is still here. Looks like I ll have to ask them to “visit” my place already. Anyways thanks and Happy Chinese New Year!

        • Same to me as well, until when 1 of the technician come, I show him what is my problem, and he see I am not a noob already, only things easier to be solve.
          But still, since the fucking DSLAM was not replaced, the issues still there.

  • I got a 2 Mbps Streamyx plan for RM122 since they say I’m their loyal customer and thus I’m entitled for this offer. Usually reaching 1.8 -2.2 Mbps most of the time and even reaches 2.6Mbps during mid night.

    The good thing about Streamyx is there are no apparent quota. I dload and YouTube A LOT!!! Watching YouTube at an average 5 hours a day and if I’m dloading movies, 2-3GB each.

    Also, not sure with p1 or other broadband, I can configure my own DNS, that is important for me!

    The sweet spot plan for me is if they can offer 4-5Mbps with no quota not over RM130~XD well, a man can always dream right?