Places to Stay in Pahang: Ancasa Royal, Pekan

Have you been to Pekan, Pahang? According to the stories of the elders and the locals here, the town got its name from a type of flower called ‘Bunga Pekan’. It was believed that the Pahang River was covered by Read More

Let’s Go To Jail

Just saw this from youtube. Don’t know what is this flashmob is advertising about anyway. Some people is for the Micheal Jackson‘s movie, which apparently unable to complete, coz he is dead. Well, not sure which one is the truth. Read More

Classical To Magical

Was just browsing around in the Internet, and saw this very beautiful flashmob done by Banco Sadabell (Sadabell Bank of Spain). In the flashmob, you can this flashmob was made possible by 100 musicians, performers, visual shooting team, consist of Read More

Menara Taming Sari, Melaka

Menara Taming Sari, is so far the highest building in Melaka, with the height of estimated 110 meters. Attached around the tower, is a cabin that will revolve 360 degrees while it is lifted from bottom to the top of Read More

Ori Punya Nyonya Foods At Melaka Nyonya Village

If you happened to visit to Melaka, and looking for Nyonya foods, this is a restaurant that you shouldn’t miss. Melaka Nyonya Village is a restaurant that serve authentic Nyonya dishes, and I would say, so far the best I’ve Read More