If you happened to visit to Melaka, and looking for Nyonya foods, this is a restaurant that you shouldn’t miss.

Melaka Nyonya Village is a restaurant that serve authentic Nyonya dishes, and I would say, so far the best I’ve tasted.
I am fortunate that I was invited to dine in this restaurant while I am in the Melaka trip with Sahabat Media gang. Thanks to MMode, Santai Travel and Malaysia Tourism Ministry.

We were all served with 9 dishes, but I don’t have all 9 dishes pictures, due to some technical difficulties. The foods were partially gone when I turned on the camera…
Therefore, most of the dishes pictures below are not from my camera.

All these dishes are all pork-free, so everyone should be no problem eating these, unless you are a vegetarian, as these dishes are cooked with meat.
Yes, pork-free! Not free pork!
Or else it wouldn’t be recommended by the Malaysia Tourism Ministry to everyone of us in Sahabat Media gang! Right? It is stated clearly at their signboard that all the foods are pork free, no msg! Original fragrance from spices!

Now, the introduction of the dishes.

Kerepek Ubi Keledek (The appetizer)

Telur Dadar Cincaluk

Sup Sayur Masin

Stir fried mixed veggies with foochuk

Sambal Petai

Pajeri Nanas

Ikan Goreng Kerutuk

Ayam Pongteh

Otak-Otak (Giant size ler!!!)

The desert? Of course Nyonya kuih and cendol lar! These 2 are Nyonya signature desert ler!

Aside than their delicious dishes, we were also being entertained by the performers with Nyonya dance.
I had recorded part of it, you may watch it below.

If you are interested for booking a table to dine here, below are the contact details that you can call:

Melaka Nyonya Village
178 Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka
Tel: 606-6306999
Fax: 606-6306977
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://babanyonyamelaka.com