Have you been to Pekan, Pahang? According to the stories of the elders and the locals here, the town got its name from a type of flower called ‘Bunga Pekan’. It was believed that the Pahang River was covered by flowers. But there is another story that made more sense, which is where it says the town got its name from the ‘pekan’ itself. ‘Pekan’ means small town, market or place where people buy and sell. On the banks of the Pahang River community placements are often made ​​long time ago. So the trade would be done there. It is a small town, but have quite some interesting thing to offer. Here’s a little recommendation on accommodation if you want to go to Pekan, Pahang.

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Down the path Kuantan – Pekan, easy to find a four-star hotel located on the banks of the Pahang River. Ancasa Royale Pekan is a 7 story boutique hotels poised to be the jewel of the Ancasa Hotels & Resorts chain. Set out to offer its guests gracious Malaysia hospitality. Luxurious 4-star resort located in Kampung Peramu, Jalan Kuantan-Pekan, the main city Kuantan just half an hour away. Incorporating the latest services and facilities, the distinctive Malay architectural design brings a unique heritage daily to the resort.

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The resort is surrounded by the Royal Family Residence, features on 133 rooms comprising 125 of Deluxe Premier room, 2 of Junior Suite room, 4 of Executive Suite room and 1 of Presidential Suite and Royale Suite room. AnCasa Hotel not only offers comfort and luxury, but it is also suitable for those who want to organize a seminar or team building.

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Bicycles are also available for those who wish to cycle around the hotel area covering 2.5 hectares.

More info on the hotel:

Ancasa Royale River Resort & Spa Pekan Pahang
No. 2670, Kampung Peramu,
Jalan Kuantan
Pekan, Pahang

Website: http://www.ancasaroyale.com/

Tol free number: 1-300-88-0032