Abraham Lincoln

I was lucky enough to get free ticket from myiMart where I am able to watch this movie with my family at Mid Valley.

At first, when this movie’s trailer comes out, I was like “WTF!? US President become vampire hunter!? WTF!!!???”
But after watched the movie, I found that the ridiculous storyline movie is not bad also. Well, at least the vampires in this movie does not sparkle when naked under the sun!

Well, as you can see, this is a violent movie, since this is a vampire slaying movie where vampire slayer is hunting vampires and chop their head off. Not those kind of fake vampire movies where vampire able to stand under the sun without applying sun block to the skin, and can even sparkle when naked under the sun.

So, make sure you do not bring children to go and watch this movie, as there will be a lot of blood on the screen, a lot of blood sucking scene and Abraham Lincoln chopping off those vampire’s head off from time to time in this movie.

Sorry that I am not going to tell you the whole storyline of this movie, but I will just write about what I think about this movie, since I am not writing a summary about this movie anyway.

The movie is about Abraham Lincoln don’t really give a damn about freeing the black people, in fact, he is only wanted to kill all vampires since one of the vampire killed his mother, then when he grow up, he go and become an apprentice of a vampire hunter, who is actually a vampire himself. Then, in order to kill off all vampire, he used the excuse saying he wanted to free all black people and ban slavery, since that time at the south, those vampires are making black people as slaves, but in fact they are treating these black people as their main source of blood to feed them self.

So the fact is, Abraham Lincoln don’t really give a fuck on black people, he just taking that as excuse to cut off the vampires food supply only, just for the sake of annihilate the whole vampire race. Sound familiar to what we always see in our Malaysian politics, right?

Anyway, throughout watching the whole movie, I was thinking about one scene that never showed on the screen, which I really hope to actually see it on the screen. Yes, the scene as below! Abraham Lincoln chasing Edward with his axe!

Lincoln Hunt Edward