Chef Wan Simplot

Last week Saturday morning, I went to BSH Home Appliances, Bosch new showroom at Bangsar, to watch Chef Wan doing demonstration on how to cook some nice dishes, using Simplot Hashbrown, and Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown. The event is actually hosted by Simplot and BBC Good Food & Travel Magazine. And I would like to thanks to the organizer for inviting me to attend this cooking demonstration.

I arrived there very early that day. Everyone are given a small goodie bag when we are there, and also a BBC Good Food & Travel Magazine. A small recipe booklet are also given to use, where there are 4 recipe which Chef Wan will going to do the demonstration.

A while after I arrived there, Chef Wan has arrived very early to make preparation for the cooking demo. And for the first time, I am able to see the red pot which Chef Wan always use in most of his cooking shows.
This is the red pot I am talking about:

And here you are, the main ingredient that was used during all 4 dishes Chef Wan had teaches us to cook that day.


Simplot Frozen Hashbrown and Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown.

Simplot is an international food products producer. Among the moe chain of Simplot products are various frozen potatoes like hash browns and popcorn hashbrowns, frozen vegetable, sauces and tomato paste as well as canned food. Simplot is the inventor of frozen potatoes since 1940. The frozen hashbrown and popcorn hashbrown are made from premium potatoes, with no cholesterol, no artifical flavours, no added preservatives and no artificial colourings.

Here are some others ingredient used during the cooking demonstration, and these are all products of Simplot.


Of course, a lot other ingredient was used, such as some herbs, seafood and meat.

Right after speeches from the organizers and Chef Wan, Chef has started to cook.
The 4 dishes are:
1. Minestrone beef ball soup with Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown
2. Baked seafood casserole with Simplot Hashbrown
3. Greek Massouka
4. Simplot Hashbrown potato and shrimp pancake

And this is the one I love the most, Minestrone beef ball soup with Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown. Yes, all the participant get the opportunity to taste those foods which cooked by Chef Wan. And I am so happy and honored that I am able to eat foods cooked by Chef Wan.


During the cooking demonstration, one of the participant was asked to involve in the cooking demonstration. Chef Wan taught her how to roll beef balls, and all of those beef balls in the Minestrone beef ball soup with Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown” was prepared by this girl.

beefball girl

During the whole cooking demonstration, Chef Wan also given us some quiz, and I am one of the winner of those quiz. And this is what I get from the quiz.


There is a bottle of Nivea lotion, then a 3-in-1 pen with the label of the media company Regent Media, which it is a pen+1GB pendrive+laser pointer(This 3-in-1 pen is something I wish to have since long time ago).

At the end of the demonstration, we were all served with lunch at 1pm. And the organizer, is giving us another goodie bag. There are lots of things in it, included a pack of Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown. And the goodie bag itself, is actually a cooler bag. I would say, this organizer is one of the most generous organizer among all those event I went.
Thanks to Regent Media for the invitation. I am enjoying the cooking demonstration a lot.

Then I was leaving at 1.30pm, half hour before 2pm, to rush to another event which everyone knows in Malaysia that day.

Picture of the Nivea and the Pendrive Pen was borrowed from another blogger, as I didn’t snap my own picture of my own gift won from the quiz.