Some of you who always come to this blog, might probably already realized there are some changes to the commenting system in this blog.

Yeah, I had changed the commenting system to Disqus.
I believe most of you already know what is Disqus, and I think I do no need to explain much about what it is already.

There are several reasons why I make this changes.
1. The default WordPress commenting system require commenters to fill up not only their name(nickname), it also required the commenters to fill up their email address and for those who have own blog, they need to manually fill up their blog’s URL, which its actually a hassle for everyone who wanted to just post a simple and short comment.

2. The current theme, its support for nested comment is not that good. The layout alignment for the replies to comments, are not able to see clearly, as it did not show a “reply” icon to indicate the replied comment is a reply to certain comments. So yeah, people do not even know if I am replying to them when they read it.

3. Disqus allows multiple type of authentication for commenters. And yeah, this is exactly what I want. It support authentication with of course, Discus accounts itself, FB Connect(Facebook), Twitter Oauth, Google ID, Yahoo ID, and the most important ones, OpenID. These multiple type of authentication, will eliminate the hassles of need to type in so many stupid things before able to post the short comment.

4. Disqus have better spam filtering management compare to the default WordPress commenting system. WordPress only dependent on Akismet. While Discus will also use Akismet to do the spam filtering, plus we can blacklist some spammer’s by their email or IP address manually. Another word, I can have extra ways to blacklist some fucking spammers and no need to care anymore in the future.

5. And when using Disqus, I can blog hop around blogs that using Disqus and no need to fill up all the shits before I can comment, and just write any shits I want and click the post button, as long as I already logged in to my Disqus account.

6. Another lazy reason, is when those comments I posted in blogs that using Disqus commenting system are replied, anywhere I go, as long as it is using Disqus, I can see the notification that my comments was replied, and I just click it then it will straight forward me to the replies. Save time also.

7. Comments sync between Disqus and WordPress. Sometimes when I backed up my database, some Chinese words that I’ve written, it did not saved as UTF and become dunno what words. So if the comments are posted in Discus, I can actually sync back the comments in case if I restored this whole blog after migrate to a new VPS or after some accident happened. So the Chinese words comments, always become weird words after I migrated the blog. So if got Discus already, I don’t need to worry much anymore.

Actually there are some minor issues Disqus have with this theme, which the Discus, looks a bit wider than the designated area. But this is just minor issues, which it is better than all the hassles that commenters need to withstand with the default WordPress commenting system.

So now, I am using Disqus commenting system in this blog, after so many times I have enabled and disabled it.
And finally now I had decided to use it permanently already now. Hope it will not fuck me up, or I am going to either switch it back to the default WordPress commenting system, or I will go with Intense Debate!