It’s the year 2012. It’s been 10 years since my wife and I have been together. Time really flies. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I first saw her that fateful night in front of her hostel during our college years.

We’ve been together for ten years now, and she’s been hinting that she wanted a vacation, or rather, a second honeymoon. Can’t blame her for wanting that more than anything else. Things are rather stressful for us these days, and I understand that. She’s not the only one who needs a break. I do too. We both needs to escape reality and recharge our batteries for awhile.

A family vacation or a second honeymoon is something I’m more than willing to indulge if I can manage to clear all my work and make time for us…and definitely would do so if our travel funds allowed us to do so.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t really promise her anything yet as things are not looking really bright in the savings account. Everything is so expensive in comparison to a few years ago. A decade ago, we could go anywhere we want and not spend much, but these days, even accomodations costs a lot.

You’d be lucky if you could actually find a 3 star hotel room at a reasonable rate of Rm100 per night. These days, it costs more than Rm100 for a night in a 3 star hotel.

I was driving the other day. Feeling all stressed up after a lousy day at work. Nothing seems to go right, and I nearly bump into a taxi, even. This is the taxi that I nearly bump into. You can check crete heraklion taxi services here!

I got down to see if both cars are okay and whatnot, and something on the taxi caught my interest. It is the huge sticker that’s attached to the back of the taxi, saying I couldn’t get the url out of my head, so I decided to check it out when I got home.

When I browsed the website, I was surprised to discover that the website is a rather large room rental listing. You can find rooms for rent from not only from all over Malaysia, but also from Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philipines.Certainly would be very convenient for oversea travelers who needs an affordable accomodation for a month or two when they visit any of these countries.

Frankly speaking, had no idea that such websites even exists. I mean, most of the time, if you wanna look for an accomodation, you’d just hook up with some hotels. I seriously had no idea that people list up rooms for rents on websites like this.

It’s certainly convenient considering that most of the rooms in are being rented out for short term. The rooms advertised in ibilik definitely would suit both traveler’s and students’s needs. Backpackers would find those rooms tasteful and affordable too if they go backpacking in comparison to those creaky backpackers’s hostel.

Now, I’m not interested in backpacking, but I’m certainly interested in bringing my wife for a short weekend getaway that we both so desperately need. I know she’s been eye-ing on several locations…she’s been dreaming of Penang and Melaka, but I found out that some Langkawi homestay are offering decent price. I think, my wife would be very thrilled if I can manage to arrange a second honeymoon to Langkawi. 😀 She always loved the beach, and could never resist visiting historical sites or places that has a lot of folklore. I think Langkawi would be a great place to bring her this year. ( I know she never mentioned Langkawi cuz Langkawi is always an expensive and a luxurious choice, but with ibilik’s help, I think we can actually afford a few days there)

Are you planning for a vacation or a second honeymoon but lack funds to do so? Perhaps you could check out the site above. You’ll be spoiled for choices. The site is fairly easy to use and have a clean look, and you won’t have any trouble searching for what you want. All you need to do is just search for what kind of rooms you want to rent and you’ll see result being shortlisted soon after. Easy peasy, right?

Not looking for a place to stay but wanted to rent out your rooms instead? You can do it in this website too. And the best part is? You can do it for free. Yups, you heard me right, you could advertise for free over here. But of course, you would need to register and login into your account before you could do all that.

Be sure to check the site out if you intend to look for an accomodation or need to rent out some rooms. I’m sure you’ll get something out of it.