If you are interested in planning a surprise honeymoon, remember to pick your destination, set a date, the reservations should now be made, have your travel documents ready, and give your partner hints on what to pack.

One of the best ways to spice up your wedding night is to have a surprise honeymoon. Usually the bride and groom consult with each other to make honeymoon plans, but in the case of a surprise honeymoon, only one person makes all the plans. For instance, if the groom decides to book the honeymoon at the fabulous Loews Miami Beach Hotel, the bride won’t have any idea about the reservations until they actually travel or arrive at the destination. Consider these steps when preparing a surprise honeymoon for your partner:

Choose the place where you would like to go

Make sure to pick a destination that both of you will love. You don’t even have to ask your partner anything specific to accomplish this. Consider all the places you’ve spent time with your loved one, and which ones your partner enjoyed the most. If this will be your first trip together, you can ask your partner or the people close to him or her what destinations they think would please him or her most. Or if you and your partner love trying something new, consider choosing an exciting location which neither of you have visited. Make sure you learn about the destination beforehand so you’ll know that it is indeed great for a honeymoon.

Decide on the date

Next, you need to choose when would be the ideal date to set off for your honeymoon. Many couples choose to honeymoon after their wedding others choose to wait until their schedules and finances become more convenient. You can discuss this with your partner just to make sure that both of you agree on a date.

Start making reservations

Start to make arrangements after choosing a date and venue for the trip. You should factor in important details such as the transportation and accommodation. Another option that could make preparing for the trip more convenient is to book through a travel agent. Make sure you have a list of the itineraries and the contact details of the transportation service and accommodation.

Have your travel documents ready

Couples heading abroad for their honeymoon should have their travel papers readied. Be sure to take note of your flight details and other important information about the trip.

Let your partner know what to pack

To make packing easier for your partner, you can describe the climate of the place you are going to instead of giving away the exact location. This is how you can make sure that your companion brings all the necessary clothing and things needed for the journey without breaking the surprise.

In order to avoid conflicting plans, inform your partner that you will make the honeymoon arrangements.