To travel around the fantastic place of Morocco, you can choose among car rentals or hire a private car, take a Petit or Grande taxi, take the bus, relax and ride a train, go biking, or take a ferry ride.

Going around Morocco and having fun is not a problem. There are many exciting means by which you can discover the exotic place for a more exciting and truly memorable vacation. Here are ways to get around Morocco.

Choose among car rentals or hire a private car

You can find many car rentals with drivers to take you around Morocco. It is also recommended that you find a private car to rent or find your own driver who knows about the different sights and events in Morocco and the Moroccan traditions and culture. Make sure the driver you choose is trustworthy and knows about the places you wish to visit. Traveling around Morocco this way is also suggested if you are checking out possible home investments in Morocco, such as Tangier properties, resort villas, and more.

Take a Petit or Grande taxi

There are plenty of taxis you can find in different areas of Morocco to get you to places around town. The Petit taxis, which are color coded for certain areas, will conveniently take you around the city you are in. These taxis are metered. The Grande taxis, which are bigger and can take six passengers, are also available for longer trips. Grande taxis are usually found near bus stations. When taking a Grande taxi, you need to know that the six seats must be fully occupied before you can start your trip. If you want the taxi to leave before the other seats are filled, you may pay for the other seats, as fare is paid per passenger, not metered.

Take the bus

You can also ride a bus around Morocco, which is a cheaper option. Buses have their set routes, so make sure you know exactly where you need to stop. When riding a bus, you also need to be careful, as there have been many cases of robbery reported in buses.

Relax and ride a train

Taking the train is one of the best ways to go to some places in Morocco. Aside from being fast and affordable, the trains are clean and comfortable. Plus, you do not need any reservation to get a first class seat. You will also get a lot of opportunities to go and talk to many Moroccan nationals and learn more about the people and their culture. Routes include Tangier-Kenitra-Rabat-Casablanca, Uojuda-Fes-Meknes-Kenitra, Casablanca-Marrakech, and Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport. There are also night trains in Morocco that depart daily at 9 in the evening.

Go biking

On one of your days in Morocco, try biking around the country roads. Not only will you experience adventure at its best, but you will also discover another face Morocco has to offer. You can arrange for biking tours from reliable operators to make your biking trip even more enjoyable. Other great places to bike around include the Sahara desert from April and May or in October and November. Chefchaouen is perfect during the summer and fall seasons.

Take a ferry ride

You may also want to smell the Moroccan breeze and take the ferries. The cities of Tangier, Cueta, and Melilla have their ports where you can depart from and arrive into. Aside from getting around Morocco, you can also take a ferry to Morocco from your country of origin or as a means of returning home. There are ferries that take you to Morocco from Spain, France, and Italy.

Aside from all these easy and convenient ways of traveling around Morocco, there are also more adventurous and extraordinary experiences to discover in this exotic destination. You can take a ride on a hot air balloon and see wonderful views of Morocco that you will never see on land, go paragliding, or take a camel ride through the Sahara desert.