I believe no need me to tell much, you guys might already know what is the “Hack In The Box” is all about.
I am fortunate to attend this event, although I do not have the pass to enter those restricted areas.

I received a call from a friend who asked me whether I would like to join him to take care of one of the exhibition booth during the event. Of course, I said yes. If not, I wouldn’t able to write this post anyway.

I don’t think I am going to write much words here, coz everytime I write until fucking long, all fuckers refuse to read anything and seek for pictures to see only.
Anyway, in this post, you will see a lot of pictures only. I will not write much.


Mozilla Booth

Mozilla Booth
Mozilla Booth
Syafiq Mozilla
Syafiq, The Malaysia Mozilla Representative.



Hackerspace KL(HSKL) Booth

HSKL Booth
Programable LED board

To be honest, I was tempted by Kakeman to buy the Arduino. He do know I wanted to buy very long already, just that I was afraid that once I started, I will be spending lots of money for the shields…
But anyway, the price they sell that day, is very cheap. Only RM70 only.

Ubuntu Booth

Ubuntu booth
Erm, well… The table is for people who pass by to sit… No one from Ubuntu actually come, perhaps people from Ubuntu are really busy… I guess…

There are a lot more pictures I have taken during HITB2011KUL, but these are the important ones only.
Pictures of some other booth, which are selling security products etc. I did not put the pictures here.
There is a lot of picture in this post already anyway.