Here is some of the layout changes:

  • The most significant changes you may see at the layout is the “Tabs” such as “Wall”, “Info” etc are no longer at the middle top of the profile page.
  • The “Status Update” text area is no longer displayed by default. You have to click the “Status”, “Photo”, “Link” or “Video” link at the “Status” line there to make the text area appear. And this only viewable for the profile owner.
  • The text area for posting stuff to other user’s profile is removed. You can no longer post anything to your friend’s wall. So it means no more sending stuffs like “Happy Birthday!” anymore!
  • Pictures that you are tagged in are displayed on the top of the profile page.
  • Pokes and Friends suggestions are added to the right side of the profile page and this can be only viewable by profile owner.
  • For profile visitors, the list for “Mutual Friends” are listed at the right side of the profile page.
  • The “Send Message” and “Poke” link are placed at the top right side of the profile page.
  • Avatar of your featured friends are no longer able to be displayed in your profile. Instead, it will randomly display any 6 friend’s avatar on your profile. But you may add a new group of friends to be displayed in your profile. However, only 3 friend’s avatar in the group you set will be shown randomly.
  • Your “Shared Links” list will no longer shown in left side of your profile. The links you have shared can be only be seen in your “Wall”.
  • Same goes to the list of your “Notes”, it is no longer shown at the left side of your profile. People who wanted to see your “Notes” have to click the “Notes” link and view all your “Notes”

I’m not sure izzit everyone comfortable with the changes, but myself feel that some of the features that is removed is actually something very important as I use them regularly, and shouldn’t be removed from the new layout.

Edit: Seems like after received a lot of complains, Facebook decided to add back the function of posing stuff into friend’s “Wall”. It is great to see that feature is back on the profile’s page!

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