I think most of you out there are familiar with the movie ‘Titanic’. It’s a story of destruction, and the sinking of a powerful ship. Eerily beautiful movie with fine and exquisite details, I must say. Even the main character of the story was created with details.

Remember Rose, the main character of Titanic? She owned a very beautiful blue diamond necklace. Blue diamonds are rare. Very rare, and almost impossible to be mined, and would cost millions of dollars.

Isn’t it fortunate that with extensive research and modern technologies, blue diamonds which you can check over here, can be cultured in labs, and it’s as beautiful and as captivating as natural blue diamonds? It is no longer impossible to actually owned a rare blue diamond, thanks to the extensive studies done by gemologists wordlwide.

Cultured blue diamonds are not only beautiful and affordable, but they are conflict free diamonds as well, as they are not mined in countries that enslaved humans in mines for diamonds. Apart from that, cultured diamonds are eco-friendly too as there’s no mining involved to undermine the ecosystem.

So, the next time you want to buy some diamond rings or diamond necklace as a symbol of your love to your other half, you might want to consider lab grown diamonds instead of naturally mined diamonds. Consider it not only a gift of love to your sweet lady, but also a gift of life to Mother Nature.