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As you all know, I am a Linux user. In fact, I am a hardcore Linux supporter.
I’ve been started to use Linux since 1998 during Redhat 6.2 time and then used muLinux due to it was recommenced by an old software developer. Then using Suse Linux 7.4 when I was still a college student.
But I was never a full time Linux user, most of time I am using Windows and at that time, I am using Linux to learn Linux commands. Yeah, installing a sound card driver was a headache at that time.

My first experience with Ubuntu Linux was during 6.06 LTS, and only started to full time using Ubuntu during 7.04 was release due to I am frustrated with the viruses problem and high resource consumption of Windows. When I started to totally switch to Ubuntu 7.04, I had never turn back to Windows and Ubuntu. Of course, sometimes I have to boot into Windows for some gaming purpose.

At that same time, I was also started to use Debian for my servers. This is how my life as a system administrator started. The reason I chosen Debian as my server’s OS it is because I only familiar with apt-get and I really love dpkg release distros. Of course, I do uses rpm release distros as well. I personally prefer CentOS. The reason why sometimes I choose CentOS as some of my server’s OS is because there is a lot of applications like cPanel, HyperVM(before K. T. Ligesh committed suicide), vePortal, SolusVM etc are build for only run on rpm release distros like CentOS.

I personally think Debian and CentOS is great distro.
(I will only talk about Linux here, will not mention about other *nix as this article will be focus on Linux only).

Ok, why I have chosen to build a netbook version of Linux based on Debian?
Why not Ubuntu?
There is several reason why I had made this decision.

    1. Ubuntu was build based on Debian too.
    2. Ubuntu already have their own netbook version.
    3. The current Debian netbook edition is more focus on Acer AspireOne (DebianAcerOne).
    4. Same reason with why CrunchBang Linux switched to based on Debian instead of Ubuntu. (Google about it yourself)
    5. No need to have dist-upgrade so often, because Debian only release major version once every 5 years. Although Ubuntu LTS is supported up to 5 years as well, but Ubuntu already have their own netbook version.
    6. I am more familiar with dpkg release, so it would be a easy start for me.

Naming Of The Releases:
Each new version will be using words that start with “A”.
For the first version, I named it “Angel”.
Names for further releases is not planned yet, it will be depends on the voting by the community(If anyone willing to join the DN-A community and help to contribute).

Planned Applications/Platform:
It will be build based on Debian Squeeze Linux. Using the exact same kernel with Debian Squeeze Linux.
Other word, it is actually a Debian derivative.
The desktop interface will be similar with Ubuntu Netbook Remix.
So it means the default desktop environment is Gnome.
It will be using UNR’s gnome addons and make it looks similar with UNR.
The reason why I decided to use the UNR’s interface, its because it is a really good UI and user friendly.

For the Angel release, majority of the applications will be similar to what UNR 9.04 have.
The window control button will be at right side, not left.

Pidgin will be the default messenger comes with DN-Angel.
Of course, the default web browser is Mozilla Firefox.
Gimp, Evince, Totem, Gwibber will be included by default.

Decision of using either or Go-OO is still not decided yet.

Other applications that comes default with Gnome will be included as well.

Other Information:
DN-A will be release under GNU GPL license.
The website, mailing list and project management page of DN-A is not ready, but you can join the DN-A Facebook group to get the latest updates about these sites at here.

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