ubuntu bunting
If you got read my previous post, you will know that I’ve been promoting the Ubuntu Release Party which will be held at Hall Manhattan V, 14th Floor, Berjaya Time Square Hotel & Convention Centre (Time Square).

It is a free party, you may bring as much people as you want. No charges.

If you have any question about Ubuntu, you may come and ask any of us in the party as well. It will be a children friendly party, so children who are underage are also welcome to this party as well.

However, the Hackathon will start from 9am to 6pm. Any programmers/hackers are welcome to this event as well, entrance is free for this event as well. Enjoy yourself in this event before the Ubuntu Release Party start, then continue enjoy yourself again!

After the Hackathon end at 6pm, Ubuntu Release Party will going to start at 8pm. Until what time? Dunno yet. If you want to leave early also can.

Programming and learning these kind of geek things can be very interesting and fun. Make sure you try to spend some time to come and take a look. If you are planning to go for shopping at Time Square, please come to Level 14. Even if you dunno anything about Open Source, you are welcome also. There will be people explain to you what is Open Source and what izzit mean.

The most important thing, come for the Ubuntu Release Party!!!