Since there is a lot of my friends asked me in email and IM, why I changed my domain name from to, I think I should write the reason here and no need to keep on repeat telling the same thing all over again.

Before this, I was using free domain (a sub-domain name actually) from Afraid Free DNS.
Afraid Free DNS is a community group site where people park their domain name and share their domain name for everyone to use the domains as free sub-domain name.

Since the owner of has removed his domain from there, so my previous URL has been removed as well along with other users of I have other alternative of domain choices at there actually. But if I use another domain’s sub-domain name, if the same case happened again, I will have to choose another sub-domain name again.

Since my traffics and the previous URL is already lost, it is better if I buy my own domain name and point my NS record (name server record) and manage my own domain name over there. At least I will not need to worry about the domain name get remove away and I lost my URL and traffics again.

In the process of buying domain name, I was planned to purchase or since is already owned by the Garfield comic. But sadly, both of these domain was also purchased by other people. So i decided to try my luck on (since a .us domain name is cheap also). But same thing, got people already owned it. At last I found that is available for purchase, but a .in domain name is expensive, it cost about US$18 a year. After 1 day of consideration, I has decided to purchase it, if I don’t buy it faster, it might get purchased by other people. And i thought of using this domain name for running other websites by creating sub-domains since the domain name is quite short.

So, now I am running by blog with this domain name now. But hopefully, someone will be kind enough to donate some money to me for renew this domain name next year, hahahah.

With this domain name, I had started a free blog ping service at It is a free blog ping service similar with Ping-O-Matic.

I am planning to run free OpenID provider service soon under, so if you need an OpenID, you may come here to register one.
To those who do not know what is OpenID, don’t worry, I am going to write about it soon in my blog once my OpenID service is launched.