Wah lau e! Some stupid ass hole said that I am Kenny Sia’s fan!?
Luckily someone told me about this! If not it will make me damn sia sui man!

These sohai said I had sent a notice card to Kenny Sia during his Latte@8 interview, yes, I did, and what I had written is as below:

Just to say hi & good luck.

Then this is called I am his fan ar?
You guys got ask Kenny Sia about the exact same card I sent to Jason Lo at the exact same time and got asked him what I write to Jason Lo or not? Want to know ar? Here it is.

You should ask Kenny about his scandal between Samantha Poh & IceQueenGoddes & also Nicole Tan.

I had sent this to Jason Lo at the same time I sent the Kenny Sia’s ones, so you guys can see what is the meaning of “Good Luck” or not?

But sad to see that my message had delivered to Jason Lo late, if not sure nice to see if Jason ask that question. hahaha

To those sohai ass holes, before you make any conclusion on someone, do some research and find out the truth before you make the conclusion.

And I also heard that those sohai ass holes jump into conclusion that Garfield is a female coz the nickname is Garfield. Wah lan e! got lanciao also call a female ar? I bet these sohai ass holes only stay over there and din read other blogs at all. If these sohai ass holes got read nicolekiss blog before, they would know the famous quote I said before when those nicole’s supporter trying to say I am a gay, lol:

I only like holes in front. There is only shit come out from my ass hole, nothing go in before and there will nothing go in in the future as well.

So to those sohai ass holes, try to read other people’s blog also lar!
Anyway, sad to see that the comment that carry this quote was deleted by nicole due to she thinks it is offensive to her blog, but can understand lar, all those comments that shoot her, all she delete and make herself looks like an angel, people who did read there and enjoy the war over there can see that lar.

Back to the topic now, about the message that i sent, it is a printed paper with my blog url, email, blog name and a garfield cat picture on it. This “name card” is not a greetings card to “idols”, but it is a offensive type of card. It will be carrying message that I wanted to tell the person who receive it, such as the one that Jason Lo received for telling about it would be great if that question is asked. It is not that I wanted to attack Jason Lo, but it is just a name card with a message. While for Kenny’s ones, it is a message to tell him good luck if his scandal question is asked.

I called this “name card” as Lasagna. If you are a blogger and you received this card, don’t be happy, coz this name card is not showing that you are my idol. Turn over the card and read, then think. It might be a notice of launching a war with you! Unless stated in the message that I like your witting style, or telling you some information. Or else, the card means you are challenged and I am waiting for the challenge call to be answered!

Don’t think that you will not receive the card, if you are bitching around and doing things that ass holes do, you might have a chance to receive Lasagna. It might be delivered by anyway including by email. If you are fucking up around, beware, you might receive one and you will have to defense you blog!

And to those ass holes that made those stupid conclusion as above, beware! I discontinued my attack that time due to I am busy with my work, but it doesn’t mean the attack will not be continue!

To Kao Sai CiBai fellers, ban me lar! See how many time you can ban me from saying things that you guys don’t like. You guys thought that I am just disconnecting modem and reconnect for new IP? Didn’t you guys do a trace on the IP I used? Next time, check my IP before you guys jump into any conclusion.

At last, to those sohai ass holes, Tiu nei lou mou lar!