If you wish to design your personal oyster card holder, ready all the resources that is required, start cutting the duct tape, pile the duct tape sections with the sticky part facing up, stack a second set of pieces with the adhesive facing straight down, make a card pocket, secure the pocket, and put whatever finalizing details you want.

If you reside in the United Kingdom, you recognize just what an Oyster card actually is. Oyster cards are typically prepaid plastic cards which are utilized in London’s Tube transport system. These prepaid cards usually have a plastic wallet just for storage. Yet, if you like to have a card case which is more customized, you might want to consider creating your very own using plastic wallet inserts or even some other common items. Additionally, Oyster cards are about the same dimensions just like regular charge cards so you can use the Oyster card holder you create for other types of plastic cards as well.

Ready all the items you require

This unique project is simple to complete and uses materials that you can quickly acquire at home or buy at any craft retail stores. You should have some duct tape, scissors, and any adornments of your preference, including such things as peel-off stickers, beads, decorated duct tape and other adornments.

Cut the duct tape

Begin by cutting sections of the duct tape. Make sure the portions measure two inches bigger than your Oyster card or any other card that you are hoping to utilize the card case for.

Pile the duct tape pieces that you’ve cut with all the sticky part facing upwards

Lay one portion of the duct tape you cut in a horizontal manner on an even work surface. Ensure that the sticky portion is facing upwards. Stack some other sections of duct tape starting at the center of the first section. Similar to the first one, double check that each of the pieces have the adhesive part facing upwards. The horizontal sides should also be lined parallel to one another. Keep on overlapping until the overlapped piece is around two inches bigger than your metro cards.

Stack another set of sections with the adhesive side facing downwards

Do the same like the preceding step. Overlap the duct tape however the adhesive part must be facing downwards. Push both of the overlapped portions jointly so that you can shut the layer of your card case. Fold the edges that are open and push so they will be closed as well.

Make a card pocket

Repeat the previous procedure to create a card pocket. Cut extra pieces of duct tape and be sure they measure 1 inch longer than your card. Resume overlapping and stop when the piled pieces are half the width of your card.

Affix the pocket

When you’re done making the pocket, install it to either side of the card case shell by utilizing the tape. Tape three parts of the pocket and leave the last side, the one facing right up, exposed so that you can use it as the opening of the pocket.

Add any final add-ons you want

Slide in your Oyster card or another card through the pocket. Begin decorating the surface of your card holder with the embellishments you prepared. Be sure that the adornments never hamper the purpose of your project.

Now you have your own personalized Oyster card holder that is unlike the generic ones used by everyone else.