An ingenious option to make floppy disk sleeves is to utilise sticky notes. To make this happen, you need to get the materials you’ll use, take the measurements of the floppy disk, shape the base, attach a series of sticky notes, flatten the chain, and create a flap for the sleeve.

Floppy disk sleeves are useful for organising and securing your floppy disks. You could utilize adhesive back sleeves for containing your disks and also keeping them from getting lost. Alternatively, you may make a sleeve by yourself by using something as ingenious as sticky notes. The latter option has 2 purposes as you not only fix your own diskettes, you may also reuse all the sticky notes that you’ve utilised in your workplace or planner. These are the tips you could follow in case you are thinking about this craft:

Get the components you’ll use

To make the floppy disk sleeve, you need to have a lot of used sticky notes, measuring tape or a ruler, floppy disc, and some tape.

Get the measurements of the floppy disc

You should know the dimensions of your floppy disc in order to make the container for it. Utilize the ruler or measuring tape to take the sizes of your own floppy disk. Record the measurements so you won’t forget.

Develop the foundation

You can now begin making the bottom for the sleeve. Get a single sticky note and place it on the worktop. Be sure that the part with the adhesive is facing up in your direction. Get a 2nd item of the sticky notes and overlap the side using the first note include them. Be sure that the adhesive part is also facing up. A seam is going to be created vertically in between the two sticky note pieces. Keep on repeating this step until the length of the overlapping sticky notes is twice the size of the floppy disk.

Link a chain of sticky notes

Place a chain of sticky notes above the other chain. Ensure that it overlaps slightly along the horizontal seam. Connect another separate chain of sticky notes which has similar size. Put a tape around the seam so that it will be joined securely. Tape the left tip with the right tip of the sticky notes to attach them. This can result in a circular shape.

Flatten the chain

After the tube has been shaped, press it so that it will be flattened. An “envelope” is going to be created with the bottom and top ends open. Fold up the lower section of the tube slightly and then flatten it. You can use the tape again to secure the bottom portion.

Develop a flap for the sleeve

Slip the floppy disc into the open part of the envelope you created. Measure the width of the finished envelope so that you can develop a flap for it. Attach extra sticky notes to the back portion of the envelope. Be sure the adhesive part faces you. Slightly overlap the additional sticky notes to make sure that a seam will be formed and tape them. Flip the sticky notes down, in your direction. Turn the envelope over and secure the flap you created using tape. Slip the envelope flap into the front opening so that it will not be pulled out.

You can add additional reinforcements to make the sleeve more durable and attach labels to help you in organizing them.