The simplest way to ship your vinyl files and keep them damage-free upon arrival is to use plastic sleeves to guard the files from dust and scratches, protect them with bubble wrap that may serve as cushion, place disks inside record mailers as final packaging, create flute stiffeners and fillers to boost toughness to the packaging, and close appropriately and place fragile stickers for proper handling.

Vinyl records are classic collections you would not want to break, particularly when transporting them. With all the spam and also packages sent through the mail, your disks might break any time. Here are several of the perfect suggestions in shipping your own vinyl documents to maintain their good condition until they arrive at their destination:

Utilize plastic sleeves to safeguard the documents from dust and scratches

To begin with, get your own vinyl files out of their album covers. Keep the sleeves on the disc. They are usually paper and available with the authentic packaging. In case the sleeves are already in bad condition or if you fail to locate them any longer, you can always get a new one. You may even consider utilising plastic or vinyl sleeves for better scratch and dust defense.

Protect them with bubble wrap that functions as cushion

To cushion your vinyl files, individually cover them using bubble wrap, which is available on the net or from your local transport supplies outlets. Bubble wraps are available in different styles that could also be self-sealing for additional effectiveness.

Put discs within document mailers as final packaging

Document mailers are padded packaging, commonly flexible, and are especially created to contain records for delivery. You can buy them at the post offices or through courier companies. Prior to inserting your wrapped vinyl records, take your album cover and put it in the record mailer. And then, place your file over it. This may give your packaging a more powerful base to safeguard your record. For various vinyl documents, it is preferable that you place bubble wrap between disks for added protection.

Put flute stiffeners and fillers to boost sturdiness to the packaging

As soon as files are placed inside, you may also add a flute stiffener on the other side, opposite from where you put your album cover. These kinds of stiffeners can be obtained in supplies shops, both local and online, and also the file mailers. After that, properly set the fillers that come with the document mailer in all 4 corners. The stiffener and fillers aid boost the toughness of your packaging, maintaining your vinyl documents in excellent condition as soon as they reach their desired destination.

Close off appropriately and place sensitive stickers for suitable handling

To conclude, appropriately seal your record mailer. Many record mailers contain a “peel and seal” function for your convenience. Finally, never forget to put “fragile” or “handle with care” stickers on your mailer so that your package shall be properly handled and delivered.For delivery services, priority mail is recommended to lessen the period the package moves along the shipping process which decreases the likelihood of your goods getting damaged. With regards to labeling your package, it is also suggested that you write the delivery information on the file mailer before you fit the vinyl documents to prevent damaging them. Always remember that taking the utmost care and protection of your records are the keys to damage-free shipping of your classic vinyl records.