Protect your paper sign by making a clear plastic sleeve for it. To get this done, have your resources ready, lay the paper sign on the translucent plastic, cut two rectangular parts from the plastic material, attach the rectangular parts together, slip the paper sign into the plastic sleeve, and place the covered paper sign to your sign holder.

A paper sign holder is beneficial for providing instructions by the roadside and also for directing prospective customers and even guests to yard sales, fundraisers and various events. You can actually make paper signs long-lasting by protecting them using plastic sleeves. This would also protect them from any climatic conditions. You can create a plastic sleeve to match your paper sign all by yourself in about fifteen minutes or even less. Should you be fascinated in making this project, follow these steps:

Have your materials ready

To be able to create a transparent plastic sleeve for covering your paper sign, you must have clear plastic that has a thickness of 8, 10 or even 12 millimeters; 2 inches wide clear packing tape with a dispenser; a paper sign measuring 11 inches by 17 inches; a paper sign holder; a pair of scissors as well as a measuring stick.

Place the paper sign over the transparent plastic

Begin the project by laying the paper sign over the translucent plastic material. Make sure that the plastic you’re using is thick enough so that it will remain straight, not fold or rotate easily, but still be flexible enough that you can quickly cut it using some scissors.

Cut a pair of rectangle-shaped pieces from the plastic

Measure an allowance of one inch all around the paper sign. Use the measuring stick to guide you while you cut along the measurements. Cut two identical portions from the plastic material, they should measure not less than 12 inches by 18 inches.

Attach the rectangle-shaped sections together

Position the rectangular pieces in a way that the 18-inch edges are aligned. Obtain a piece of packaging tape from your dispenser and make sure it also measures eighteen inches. Position the tape so that it runs around the sides of the plastic sections however utilize only half of the tape. Press it on the surface of the plastic and rub so as to secure it in place. Turn the plastic sheets over and make sure they’re still attached together when you do this. Fold over and fix the other half of the packing tape on the other side of the plastic material and rub to make a secure bond. Repeat this step on the other side of the plastic rectangles.

Slide the paper sign through the plastic sleeve

You may now slip the paper sign through a side of the translucent plastic that you have not yet enclosed with packing tape. Make sure no edges of your sign are folded or even crumpled. You can run your hand across the top of the covered sign to guarantee that it really is flat and nothing is folded inside. Tape the rest of the sides of the plastic sleeve when you are sure that the paper sign is secured inside it.

Put the enclosed paper sign into a sign holder

Once you’ve successfully covered the paper sign using a plastic sleeve, you can install it into your sign holder and prepare it for presentation.

Plastic sleeves are easy to obtain, and they can go a long way in protecting materials like paper signs that are primarily used outdoors.