You could make a business card holder on your own. To do this you are going to prepare the necessary elements and devices, put a sheet of wax paper over your own work area, affix 3 popsicle sticks together utilizing the glue, fasten another four popsicle sticks jointly, glue another two popsicle sticks collectively, remove one ¼ inches off the top and lower part of four popsicle sticks, glue the sticks from the 3rd stage with the sticks on the 4th phase, glue the two sticks in the 5th step behind the sticks in the 4th phase, utilize sticks in the 6th step to design the 4 corners of the card holder, and personalize your card holder with the many accessories.

A business card holder is common but beneficial device for holding your vital cards organized and easy to locate. There are several forms of business card holders, and you may attempt to make one by yourself. Observe these 10 simple tips if you want to make your own company card holder.

Prepare the required materials and equipment

  • You should have eleven pieces of popsicle sticks, green coloured craft papers, adhesive, many embellishments and decorations, wax paper and two scissors.

Put a sheet of wax paper above your work area

  • Before starting, it is best to ensure that your work location is secured and won’t be exposed to dirt or leaks. To accomplish this it is best to protect your work surface with a sheet of wax paper.

Attach 3 popsicle sticks together utilizing the adhesive

  • Place three pieces of the popsicle sticks on the paper. You should affix these three by their sides by making use of adhesive on the surface. Right after applying the adhesive, hold the sticks together for approximately half a minute in order that they will cling.

Glue one more 4 pop-sicle sticks jointly

  • Use another four popsicle sticks and place them adjacent to one another. Secure them by applying a small amount of adhesive along the sides, just like you did with the previous set. Make sure to use a mini glue gun for a precise and secure bond. Apply glue on the areas of the sides and hold them together to be certain they cling.

Glue one more two pop-sickle sticks together

  • Take another 2 popsicle sticks then fasten them together just like you performed before. Ensure you employ the glue on their sides.

Eliminate one ¼ inches off the upper and lower part of 4 pop-sickle sticks

  • You need to cut off one ¼ inches off out of another two pieces of pop-sickle sticks utilizing the couple of scissors. Once you’ve slice them to the preferred size, set them sideways and then place them collectively using glue. You will need to perform repeatedly this particular step using the other 2 pop-sickle sticks.

Glue the sticks from the third phase using the sticks on the fourth phase

  • Have the three sticks that you fixed together in phase three and fasten all of them jointly using the four sticks you glued together in stage 4. Make sure that they shape a right angle at the upper part of the sticks.

Glue the two sticks in the fifth stage behind the sticks in the fourth stage

  • Use the two sticks which you fixed jointly in the 5th stage and then glue them together with the four sticks in the 4th stage. This particular step should result in a U-shape.

Make use of the sticks in the 6th phase to structure the sides of the card holder

  • The particular sticks which you cut in the sixth phase may be utilized to develop the sides of your own card holder. This can be done by sticking them to the other sticks.

Personalize your own card holder using the several add-ons

Now you can customize the card holder using the distinct add-ons as well as designs that you ready.

The great thing about doing this project is that you can add your own unique touch to make the resulting business card holder more personalized.