The 5 basic steps to create a short prom dress include readying everything that you will need, getting your dimensions, using the first scarf to create the top of the dress, starting tailoring the skirt, and crafting the second scarf.

In attending a prom, wearing a unique dress is probably one of the most important concerns for most girls. However, it’s surprisingly difficult to find short prom dresses that are unique in style. You can make a fashionable and unique prom dress if you have basic sewing skills, and even a small budget. Below are several steps to guide you:

Prepare the things you will need

You will need to prepare the following materials to make your own short prom dress: 3 elegant 36 or 48-inch scarves, a measuring tape, scissors, sewing machine, thread, double-sided tape, and elastic with a 2-inch allowance than your waist size.

Get your dimensions

Before you start working with your materials, you will need to take your measurements so you will know the sizes of the fabric you will be using. Measure your natural waist with a measuring tape. The distance of the middle of your bust and armpit should be measured next. Multiply your height in inches by 1.5 to get the measurement of the dress’ length.

Make the top using the first scarf

To make the top part of the dress, fold one of the scarves corner to corner. Make the point hang over your belly by laying it over your bust. Hold both ends, join them behind your back and then tie them up. Attach the double-sided tape to the inner part of the scarf fold and the part over your bust to keep the fabric from falling off your body.

Make your skirt

The skirt is crafted in two phases. Fold one scarf in half, and then seam one side, leaving the remaining 18 inches. For ease of movement, a 2-inch allowance in the hip area should be included. Stitch 4 inches of the edge after doing a 2-inch casing on the top. Turn over the casing edge twice to adjust the skirt’s length. The elastic can now be inserted and, once in place, its ends should be sewn together. Complete the sewing of the casing.

Work on the second scarf

Cut the diagonal of the second scarf and hem one of the resulting pieces using a rolled handkerchief hem. Using a 3-inch finished hem, hem the raw end of the second side. Attach the upper edges by sewing them together. When doing this, be sure to lay the shorter part over the longer one. Go into the dress where the elastic is inserted. Tie the triangle-shaped second piece in a way that the knot is over the right side of the open seam.

Add your own personal touch and be creative so that you can come up with a beautiful and unique prom dress.