If you want to hold a vow renewal ceremony as an anniversary celebration, you should choose what type of ceremony you want, pick a date, pick a venue for the event, determine who will be the officiant of the celebration, and hand out your invitations.

You can think of renewing your vows of marriage if you and your partner are about to celebrate your 50th year of being married. A vow renewal celebration is one of the best 50th anniversary gifts you and your spouse can have, and it will also commemorate all your years of marriage. If you are considering having this ceremony, here are some tips you can follow:

Decide the type of ceremony you prefer

Just like wedding preparations, choosing the type of ceremony you want should be your main concern. It is in this stage that you decide whether you want to go for a fancy affair with a large number of guests and a party, or a simple celebration between the two of you and a few close people. Obviously, large affairs are expensive but you will be able to invite everyone that made your marriage special. On the other hand, simple vow-renewal ceremonies are more intimate and will allow you to focus on the most important elements of the celebration. This choice should be made depending on your preference and your budget.

Pick a date

When you already know the type of event, you can talk to your spouse and pick a suitable date. If you want, you can hold it during your anniversary or you can set it at another more convenient date and time. If you plan to have an elaborate ceremony, make sure there is enough time for all the preparations that need to be made.

Choose a location

While some couples prefer to recreate their marriage day by celebrating their renewal ceremony in the same place as their wedding, others want to have it at a new venue. Consider your budget when you decide on the venue and make sure to contact the site in advance so it can be reserved for you.

Determine who will be the officiant of the celebration

There is no specific rule on who can officiate vow renewal ceremonies because these are usually symbolic occasions and not legal affairs. A clergyman or a judge can be asked to preside. On the other hand, if you wish for a more casual and personal setting, you can select a close friend or an adult child to officiate. Inform the person about the event’s details in advance so that both of you can prepare for it better.

Send out the invitations

When all the arrangements are made, you can now hand out your invitations. If the event will be held out of town, you should send invitations one month ahead so as to give your guests time to prepare.

There are many great ways to celebrate your anniversary as a couple. Just be sure to choose the one that will make the occasion the most memorable for you.