If you would like to make your own travel file holder, prepare the things you need, cut the cloth fabric into four pieces, fold and also topstitch pieces B and C, pile the pieces together, begin stitching, connect the hair flexible, place the second piece A and sensed, and add the concluding details.

If you take a trip a lot then you learn how annoying it may be to keep your travel documents and passport organized. You could use job ticket holders for keeping your travel necessities protected or you could produce your personal travel record holder. Here are the guidelines for this specific craft:

Get ready the items you need

To create your personal travel record holder, you’ll need a non-stretchable fabric that measures 13 inches by 44″, a piece of 10.5 inches by 11” felt in different color, one button with a width of 5/8″ to one inch, pins and hair elastic.

Cut the fabric into four pieces

Start the task by slicing the cloth fabric into four pieces of the following measurements:

* Piece A needs to measure 10.5 inches by 11”. Slice 2 pieces of this specific dimension.

* Piece B needs to be 13” by 11 inches.

* Piece C must be nine inches by eleven inches.

Flip and also topstitch items B and C

Flip piece B in half lengthwise and after that iron it. Topstitch through the entire fold a distance of 1/8′ from the border. Do exactly the same with piece C.

Pile the pieces together

Take 1 of the A pieces and place it on your worktop with the face up. Stack piece B on piece A, ensuring that the bottom 11″ sides are lined up. Put piece C in the same manner on top of piece B. Utilize pins to hold the 3 pieces together, ensuring all the bottom corners are aligned.

Start sewing

Begin stitching on the top section of one side of piece B and be sure that all the layers are organised together. There should be a seam allowance of a one-half inch around the bottom and top section of the other side of piece B.

Connect the hair elastic

Sew the hair elastic into the side seam to have a loop to be utilized for the button closure. First estimate the middle of the right-hand end of the fastened piece A. Place the hair elastic at the midpoint approximately midway beyond the one half inch seam. The elastic needs to slightly touch the outside side of piece A and the remainder will be put above cloth of piece A. Pin your work and tack it down to make sure you don’t exceed the seam allowance.

Connect the second piece A and felt

Pile the second piece A above the very first piece A which you have already sewn. Be sure the right sides are facing each other. Pin the felt above the 2nd piece. Start stitching all the layers using a straight sew from the lower right-hand side. Sew around all 4 parts but leave an opening which measures 3″.

Include finishing touches

Clip the seams and the corners before you turn your work right side out with the 3 inches opening. Iron the edge seams and also the gap on the loser part. Topstitch the external edges and be sure you close the space. Fold the right over the left section so that a vertical fold is created and then iron it. Open the case and sew the vertical fold by using a straight stitch. Connect the button on the right side for the closure.

You can now travel without worrying about how to organize your travel documents.