Some wonderful gift ideas you can give to someone special celebrating a 75th birthday are: go platinum; record greetings for the celebrant; give a creative gift basket; touch the heart of the celebrant by making a collage or scrapbook; consider the celebrant’s hobbies and interest; surprise the celebrant with a ticket for two to an extraordinary vacation destination; or get sentimental by framing a portrait, painting, or a poem.

Deciding on a birthday present for somebody special is definitely not an easy task. 75th birthday gifts need to be as special as the celebrant. Here are some gift ideas that will help you with your search for the perfect gift especially for someone celebrating such a milestone:

Go platinum

A person’s 75th birthday is a platinum birthday, and platinum 75th birthday gifts are simply fitting for the occasion. Items such as platinum jewelry, frames, and decor make wonderful gifts. You may also choose to give platinum coated presents if you find platinum items quite expensive. Engrave the name of the celebrant and the date of celebration on the gift item to make your gift more special and memorable. The birthday gift baskets of all their memorable and favorite things could make a wonderful gift.

Record greetings for the celebrant

Exert a little extra effort and visit the celebrant’s family, relatives and friends. Record audio or video greetings they have for the celebrant and save it to a disk. Surprise the celebrant during the party and play the recording as part of the program. Not only will the celebrant enjoy your gift upon receipt of it, but throughout the years as well. You can also look for some services on the Net that will gather the greetings for you to help you save time and effort.

Give a creative gift basket

Gift baskets make a wonderful and fun birthday gift no matter what the age of the recipient. The celebrant can get lots of exciting stuff in one package. For someone celebrating a 75th birthday, you can put in some old-fashioned goodies, a personalized 75th birthday shirt, a good book, tickets to plays, a lottery ticket, and maybe a page from a newspaper or magazine published on the day the celebrant was born.

Make a collage or scrapbook

People often get more sentimental as they age. Touch the heart of someone special by making a collage of pictures or a scrapbook. Do not forget to include pictures taken during the different milestones of the celebrant’s life. Look for pictures from a baptism, school days, graduation, first job, wedding, first family picture, and other memorable moments in the person’s life. If you decide on making a scrapbook, include photos of the celebrant’s favorite stars, sports team, favorite movies, and even favorite food. Post lines of favorite songs, poems, quotes, and other stuff that will truly touch the celebrant. Greetings from the celebrant’s grandchildren, kids, in-laws, and other close friends will also make the surprise more sentimental.

Consider the celebrant’s hobbies and interest

Another gift that will truly delight someone celebrating a 75th birthday is something that relates to the person’s hobbies and interests. Gifts that add up to a collection or items from a favorite past time will make a wonderful gift. You can consider coins, stamps, and other collectibles that are meaningful. If the celebrant loves to cook, give a humorous, customized apron and a cookbook. If the celebrant loves gardening, you can give a new set of tools in a favorite color to make the gift more interesting.

Surprise the celebrant with a ticket for two to an extraordinary vacation destination

If you have the budget, you can surprise the celebrant with a plane ticket for two to a special vacation destination. Considering the age of the celebrant, make sure the recipient is still able to travel. Choose a destination that is not too far and that the celebrant really loves to make your gift more memorable.

Get sentimental by framing a portrait, painting, or a poem

Get sentimental with your gift and frame a portrait, a painting, or a poem. Whichever item you wish to frame, make sure you choose one of the celebrant’s favorites. If you are a friend or relative, you can ask the children about a favorite photo, scene, or poem. Choose a platinum-coated frame to go with the platinum birthday theme or a vintage-inspired frame that older people often love.

To complete the gift, make sure to wrap it creatively and insert a heartfelt dedication especially for person celebrating a 75th birthday. Not only will your gift be truly touching, but a very memorable one too.