The following are wonderful gift ideas that will surely please the older woman on her special day: cook her own specialty or her favorite food, treat her to a cruise, take her to dinner at her favorite fine dining restaurant, throw her a surprise party, make her a special scrapbook, and surprise her with a handmade gift.

On her special day, giving an older woman a unique, special gift is something she will treasure forever with fond memories. Take a look at these special birthday gift ideas for her:

Prepare a special meal for her

One considerate gesture is to make a meal of the celebrant’s favorite dish. She’ll love to know that future generations will still be enjoying her recipe. In additon to creating her favorite recipe for her, you might add some of her other favorites to round out the surprise.

Take her on a boat

Several older couples just love to travel. If your mother, grandmother, or another special older woman is celebrating her diamond birthday, you can delight her with one of many wonderful 75th birthday ideas and send her on a cruise. Make it a cruise for two so her husband can accompany her and make the trip more memorable. Choose a destination that you think she would love, especially places she has not been. If you are short on money, you may want to consider asking that some of your close friends or siblings put in some money to this very special gift you are planning to purchase.

Find her favorite fine dining restaurant and treat her to dinner there

Another interesting gift you can give to a woman in her golden years is to take her to dinner at her favorite fine dining restaurant. Either you can celebrate exclusively as a date just between the two of you or as an alternative you can accompany all of the family members with you. Give her a chance to order the foods she loves the most and request a serenade from the restaurant management with a birthday tune so your gift will be even more amazing and memorable.

Throw her a surprise party

Surprise birthday parties are appropriate for people of any age. You can make the surprise party even more surprising for an older woman by the way of inviting her friends to participate, in addition to her family and relatives. Ask the little ones to prepare a special performance or musical number, and ask the adults to say a few words during the party. You can make the party more memorable as well by recording certain greetings from the attendees and from some of those special people who could not join the party. Creating a personal CD of greetings and well-wishes for a significant person in your life, gives them a treasured keepsake they will cherish forever.

Put together a scrapbook of special memories for her

Consider giving a scrapbook for her birthday, many women grow sentimental as they age. A unique option is to make a scrapbook that is filled with pictures that chronicles her journey from childhood to adulthood. In the scrap book you can add exclusive pictures of the celebrant, her photographs in the company of her friends and also with the other members of your family. Write some special dedications and include poems, verses, and lyrics of songs with beautiful and fitting messages. You can ask for help from other family members to make the scrapbook more meaningful. Young children can participate by making colorful drawings for the honoree.

Make something yourself for her

One more thought would be to make a gift yourself. Incorporate her most loved designs into a crocheted scarf, sweater or a hand-sewn blanket. You can add a more personal touch to the gift by decorating it with her name or initials you sew on yourself. The person will definitely appreciate your display of effort.

Older women love to receive gifts such as: scented candles, a good book, hand made soaps, classic jewelry, or religious gifts.