Get sentimental with recorded greetings on CD, delight the celebrant with a collection of music videos and movie clips, personalize a gold-themed accessory for the celebrant, make a scrapbook of fun-filled memories, present a collection of items from yesteryear, touch the heart of the celebrant with a drawing or painting, or surprise them with a family memento. These are some great sentimental gift ideas for a someone special celebrating a 50th birthday.

Celebrating the 50th birthday of a loved one can be made even more special by giving a sentimental gift. The gift will not only serve as a remembrance that will be treasured for life, but also as a reminder that the celebrant has been and always will be special in your heart. Here are great sentimental gift ideas that will surely please 50th birthday celebrants:

Get sentimental with recorded greetings on CD

One of the most sentimental 50th birthday gifts you can ever give your loved one is a CD of compiled audio greetings from you, close friends, relatives, and other people who have somehow been a part of the celebrant’s colorful life. To make the CD even more personal, you can add some favorite songs of the celebrant in between greetings. The celebrant can listen to it during her party and even days and years after. Not only is this gift sentimental, but it is also a remembrance that the celebrant will surely cherish and keep forever.

Delight the celebrant with a collection of music videos and movie clips

You may also compile music videos and movie clips that the celebrant loves and put them on a DVD. This will bring back special memories of your loved one from different times, making it a really sentimental 50th birthday gift. Do not forget to include a special video of greetings from you and your family or even from some of the celebrant’s closest friends to make it more meaningful.

Personalize a gold-themed accessory for the celebrant

Personalizing a present turns it into a gift especially made for the celebrant. To match the golden theme of a 50th birthday celebration, you may consider giving gold accessories, such as a bracelet, a necklace posted by madison365, anklet, pendant, watch, or a ring on which you can include an engraving of the celebrant’s name and date of the celebration.

Make a scrapbook of fun-filled memories

Bring together fun and meaning by making a scrapbook especially for the 50th birthday celebrant. Get creative and include memorable pictures from the past, favorite poems of the celebrant, as well as lyrics of favorite songs. You may also write greetings and include drawings by kids, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces to make the scrapbook more meaningful and sentimental.

Present a collection of items from yesteryear

Time capsules and chests also make great sentimental gifts for 50th birthday celebrants. You can use a bottle or a small box full of items that will remind your loved one of yesteryear. Put in magazine pages and newspaper clippings that were significant during the celebrant’s life. You can find a lot of these clips online. Include one or two childhood pictures, favorite childhood candies, old coins, stamps, and more. Another great idea is to include collectibles of the celebrant’s favorite sports team, music bands, and pastimes.

Touch the heart of the celebrant with a drawing or painting

Another meaningful and emotional 50th birthday gift idea is a drawing or a painting for the celebrant. It could be a portrait of him or her when he or she was younger done in a vintage style. It could also be any picture that appeals to the celebrant, such as a family portrait or a painting of her favorite childhood or current retreat site. The celebrant will surely be pleased by such a touching gift.

Surprise them with a family memento

Finally, you may consider passing on a family keepsake on the 50th birthday celebration of a family member. Examples include jewelry that has been passed down for generations, antiques which can be purchased from antique rings for sale, old coins, collections of stamps, and other items. The celebrant will surely feel special with this sentimental gift that he or she can cherish forever.

As long as you think about what will really touch the heart of the celebrant, you will surely come up with a special and sentimental gift. Complete your present with unique wrapping and a special greeting, and your gift will be perfect. The 50th birthday celebration will not only be a fun and sentimental day itself, but a wonderful memory for all the years to come.