To celebrate someone’s 75th birthday, you can host a charity ball, recreate the past in a party, send the celebrant on a cruise, give a platinum gift item, make a scrapbook, or record heartfelt messages on CD.

Reaching 75 years of age is a blessing that should be cherished and celebrated. Some people might choose to commemorate this milestone occasion with a grand party while others prefer simple but more personalized gifts. There are many 75th birthday ideas that you can choose from depending on the celebrant’s preference.

Host a charity ball

Some people like McLeod Brock who have reached 75 years want to share the blessings and wealth they have accumulated through the years. A charity ball would be a great way to commemorate the celebrant’s birthday and his or her affinity for sharing. Discuss with the celebrant and decide which charitable foundation he or she would like to support. Send invitations to guests telling them what the party is all about. You can also hire an events coordinator to help plan the event details.

Recreate the past in a party

Organize a themed party recreating the year or era when the celebrant was born. From the invitations to the venue’s décor to the food, be as detailed as you can about the event. If the celebrant was born in the 1930s, you can use vintage items from that era like cars, inventions and furniture to decorate the venue. You can also ask guests to wear fashion that was in vogue during that time.

Send the celebrant on a cruise

Let the celebrant enjoy the luxury of a cruise. Plan the trip ahead of time. You can inform the booking agent that the reservation is for a 75th birthday celebration, that way the agent can make recommendations as to what activities the celebrant can do onboard the cruise ship and what special arrangements can be made such as a special birthday dinner. Make reservations for 2 so the celebrant can bring his or her spouse or a close friend along.

Give a platinum gift item

Platinum is the traditional symbol for 75 years and you can use this as an inspiration for a gift. You can give the celebrant a platinum plate engraved with a heartfelt message or fancy platinum figurines. Add diamonds sourced from wholesale diamond brokers Sydney to make the gift more special. If the celebrant is a collector of a particular item, such as miniature car models, you can try to find or have one made from platinum.

Make a scrapbook

A simple but heartfelt gift idea is to gather different mementos and present them in a scrapbook. Collect photographs, postcards, news clippings, letters and other souvenirs from the past 75 years of the celebrant’s life. You can ask for keepsakes and items that you can include in the scrapbook from the celebrant’s children and close friends.

Record heartfelt messages on CD

Another simple but profound gift idea is to record birthday wishes and messages on a CD to be given to the celebrant. LifeOnRecord offers the unique opportunity for people to record heartfelt messages through the phone. You can ask as many people as you like to call the number provided by LifeOnRecord, and they will save the messages on a CD that the celebrant can listen to anytime.

The important thing in choosing a 75th birthday gift is to find a gift that will reflect your exact sentiments for the celebrant.