You’re able to recycle your old floppy disks by developing pen holders using them. To make this happen, you have to collect the elements as well as instruments required, punch holes into 4 floppy disks, punch 2 holes in the one particular remaining floppy disk, arrange the very first four disks in a row, attach the discs utilizing the zip ties, form a box by means of folding the sides, and fasten the base.

Old floppy disks could be a bother to dispose of. Thankfully, there are lots of recycling initiatives which make use of your own outdated floppy disks and one of them can be to build floppy disk holders for your pencils. This amazing task is pretty easy to create and is also great for individuals who really like personal computers as well as recycling. The pen case can even help you to organize your pens. Consider these simple measures to build your own pencil holder from old floppy disks:

Obtain the materials as well as instruments required

Make sure you obtain the following equipment and supplies necessary for the project: five floppy disks that are 3 ½ by five inches in size, 16 zip ties, a portion of old scrap wood, a drill with a size 5/32 drill bit, and also a couple of scissors.

Punch slots into four floppy discs

Pick four floppy disks and drill 4 holes into each disc. You must position the old piece of wood on your own worktop or table so you will not destroy it in the drilling process. The leading two holes need be on the top part of the disks on each side of the steel sliders approximately 1 inch under the dent. The lower part holes need to be drilled on the corners about a half-inch from the lower part of the disk.

Drill two holes on the remaining floppy disc

Regarding the 5th and last floppy disc, punch openings on each of the side of the disc. This disc can act as the bottom of the pen case. Do not do anything to this specific floppy disc till it’s the moment to put the bottom.

Arrange the first 4 discs in a row

Carry the four disks you recently drilled and position them side by side to form a row. The metal sliders needs to be placed at the top for all four discs.

Hook up the disks using the zip ties

You may now have to slip the zip ties to the holes and put the four disks together. This specific step may cause a straight line composed of the 4 disks. Remember to pull the zip ties firmly so they will be kept together safely.

Create a box through folding the ends

You can now form a box through folding the sides around. The last two sides must be attached together using zip ties. Pull tightly to help keep them in place.

Affix the base

After you have created a box, turn it upside down. The part with the steel sliders will now be on the table. The 5th floppy disc can now be connected. Place it on the bottom of the box and then connect it to the edges using the zip ties stowed via the openings. Utilize the scissors to chop off the edges of the zip ties.

In addition to finding uses for old items that you would otherwise discard, recycling projects can be your own way of preserving the environment.