To properly take care of your silk scarves, you must know what materials you should use, make sure you stash your scarves the right way, do not expose them to sunlight, never fail to clean them before storing them, use a drying rack to dry off the scarves, learn the correct way to iron them, and stash them in the proper storage containers.

The versatility of silk scarves makes them great fashion accents. They could be tied over the shoulders, wrapped around the head, or donned around the neck area to instantly jazz up an attire. Over time, perspiration, oil secretions from your hair as well as contaminants from the surroundings can accumulate on a scarf. It is vital that you handle your scarves correctly in order to protect them and so they will last longer. Here are some care tips you can follow:

Know what items you can utilize

Use fabric laundry detergent that’s non-alkaline for cleaning your scarf. Keep scarves away from washing liquids that contain alcohol or even chlorine. Some other useful materials are clean absorbent towels, a sweater drying rack, breathable containers, tissue paper that is acid-free, and big size accessory hooks with curved hooks or accessory rings.

Make sure you stash your scarves the right way

Right safe-keeping of your scarves can help make sure that they never get damaged, wrinkled or torn. Make room for storing your scarves. You can put up big circular hooks in your closet or perhaps get accessory rings. Be cautious when placing and removing your soft scarves so that they do not get snagged.

Don’t expose them to direct sunlight

The ultraviolet rays from the sun are known to discolor textiles; thus, they could be your scarves’ worst adversary. Do not expose your scarves to sunlight. Refrain from putting them inside a room where sunlight can reach them directly, and do not hang them up next to a window.

Be sure you wash them just before storing them

Before putting scarves in their own storage containers, make sure that they’re clean. You can hand wash the scarves with mild laundry detergent and cool water. Avoid soaps which have harsh ingredients and chemicals. Just after rinsing thoroughly, put the damp scarf atop a clean small towel. To remove the excess water from the scarf, roll the small towel with scarf still attached to it. It will then absorb the water from the silk scarf.

Utilize a drying rack to dry the scarves

The correct way to dry off a silk scarf would be to air dry them by using a fine mesh or sweater drying rack. This will prevent the scarf from getting stretched. Avoid drying scarves under direct sunlight.

Learn the correct way to iron them

You can iron the scarf when it’s still somewhat damp however make sure to adjust the iron on the lowest possible setting. You can place a towel on top of the scarf so that the iron doesn’t transfer heat on the scarf directly. You should also keep in mind to only iron the scarf on the side in which the color is dull.

Stash them in the appropriate storage containers

Properly fold the scarves and put them in breathable containers or linen containers. If you’re planning to store the scarves for a long time, cover the containers with acid-free tissue paper before putting the scarves inside. You may also use the original boxes of designer scarves for storage.

Silk scarves, like any fashion investment, need to be taken care of so that they will continue to look great.