Reuse old floppy discs and develop them into simple crafts such as a floppy disk laptop bag, colorful picture frame, pend holder, and supply candy or desk organizer.

In case you have many unused diskettes piled up inside your floppy disk holders in the home and the only option you have to manage them is to dump them to the garbage can, why not recycle them instead and utilise this stuff to create great floppy disk crafts? Below are some fun and artistic projects you can do with your floppies:

Pen holder

Floppy disks can be made into interesting pen holders that you can place on your study table or on your workdesk at the office. You only need five floppy disks plus some glue. To begin, put 1 floppy disc on the worktop. This can be the foundation for your pen case. Get the 4 other diskettes around the 4 corners of the base in a standing posture. Ensure that it appears to be a cube having an open top. Glue the sides attaching each one of the disks and allow the adhesive dried up before use. You can utilize floppy disks in several colours so that each side of the pen holder is distinct from the other.

Supply caddy or workdesk organizer

If you want a bigger type of the floppy disc pen holder which could hold not just your pens or pencils but your bills, sticky notes, or any other office supplies too, you can make a supply caddy or desk organizer. You will need a minimum of twenty diskettes and adhesive. To begin with, create the foundation of your organizer by using six floppy disks, laying them flat on a work surface in 2 rows with three disks in each row. Make sure that your design is straight by using a square ruler. Glue all the corners to attach them together. Put and glue 10 other disks around the base in an upright position. These will be the sides of your basket. Now, see how many partitions you wish your organizer to have. Use the remaining floppy disks as partitions in your organizer by gluing rows of standing discs in the center of the organizer. You may even make a pen holder inside the caddy by creating a square partition in one corner.

Floppy disc laptop case

Floppy disks could also be made into a very distinctive laptop case. You will need 42 diskettes and several zip ties or metal rings. Lay a row of four disks and attach them utilizing the metal rings or zip ties. You don’t have to make holes into the floppy disks since they already have little openings in the corners. The sides of the bag should have a width of four disks and a height of 3 discs. Connect all the floppy disks with the metal rings or zip ties. Do not forget to attach a strap beside the bag.

Colourful picture frame

To create a photograph frame out of diskettes, you’ll need sixteen diskettes, yarn or strings, and also a ribbon. Develop a square framework using the diskettes and attach them together with string or yarn. Have a picture and connect it at the back of the frame. Hang the frame on the wall by using a ribbon connected at the back of the frame.

Recycling floppy disks helps Mother Earth, and by creating unique and interesting works of art with them you also have great gifts for your computer-enthusiast friends.