To build bunk beds for your kids, you should have the supplies and tools ready, start making the mattress frame, affix the 38-inch beam to the 75 inches beam, drill two holes into the ends of the 75-inch beams, attach the plyboard sheet, drill holes into the 8 by 8 inch posts, start constructing the bunkbed, and connect the dowels and mattress.

Most moms and dads wish to have their children sleep on bunkbeds to save on space. The following are the procedures you can follow to develop cheap kids bunk beds:

Have the materials as well as tools ready

You will need four posts which measure 8x8x12 inches tall, four beams which measure 2x4x38 inches, four beams which measure 2x4x75 inches, plyboard sheets that measure ½x38x75 inches, two dowels having 1×75 inch measurements, sixteen three-inch wood screws, 16 10-inch bolts with washers and nuts, 25 1-inch wood screws, sandpaper, a drill with auger, screwdriver and regular bits, a circular saw and a longer, slim nail.

Start developing the bed mattress frame

Use two pieces from each and every beam type which you have, eight of the three-inch wood screws, 12 of the one-inch wood screws, a plyboard sheet and the drill and nail. The particular drill bit you utilize must be smaller than the three-inch wood screw’s dimension. Start drilling to the 2 edges of 1 the seventy-five-inch beams and be sure to drill through the face. There has to be a space of about one inch between the holes and the end of the beam.

Affix the thirty eight-inch beam towards the seventy five-inch beam

Set the thirty eight-inch to the 75-inch beams to be able to form an “L” shape. Square them off in order for their surfaces can lineup. Drive a nail to the screw holes you formed in the 75-inch beam till it marks the thirty eight-inch beam. Drill 2 additional slots into the 38-inch beam’s tip. Repeat the drilling operation for the contrary tip of the 75-inch beam. Drive the wood screws to the holes you drilled to attach the thirty eight-inch beam to the seventy-five-inch beam. Repeat the drilling operation for the second seventy five-inch beam.

Drill two holes into the edges of the 75-inch beams

Select a drill bit that’s a little bit larger compared to the bolt’s size and begin drilling 2 holes at the end of the seventy five-inch beams. The actual slots need to be half an inch from the inner side of the 38-inch beam and when lined horizontally it should be half an inch from each other and from the border.

Affix the plywood sheet

You can put plyboard sheet on the frame you have developed. Now you may affix it to the frame with the 1-inch wood screws. Utilize 1 screw per corner, two for the longer sides and one for the shorter sides.

Drill holes into the 8×8 inch posts

Begin making the support frames by drilling slots directly into every one of the eight by eight inch posts. Use a drill bit that is a bit bigger than the bolt’s size. The slots need to have a distance of two inches from the edge of the wood and also 1 foot from the end of the post. Drill one more hole which is perpendicular to the other drill holes. It needs to have a diameter of 1 and one-fourth inch and also needs to be 6 ins apart from the end of the post. The actual auger bit has to be used for this stage. Repeat this phase for the other three posts.

Begin creating the bunkbed

Set the frame of the bed using the lower pair of holes on the posts. Attach the frame and also the posts together by using eight washers and bolts. Repeat this phase for the framework of the upper bunk.

Connect the dowels and mattress

The particular dowels can be utilized as protection side rails for the bed, hence slide these to the largest holes. After the dowels are connected safely, now you can put the mattress.

You have now successfully built a bunk bed for your kids.