To make a zipper pouch ideal for keeping various objects, have your materials as well as tools ready, cut out two rectangle-shaped parts from the fat quarter, sew the rectangular pieces together, trim the ½-inch seam, connect the zipper, produce the coating for the zipper, tear the basting stitches, and stitch the remaining sides.

If you’ve stuff lying around your house then you likely discover how bothersome it could be if you need something and cannot immediately find it. An easy remedy is to organize using zipper pouches for these items. A zippered pouch is fairly simple to create and can be helpful for keeping jewelry, pencils, cosmetics and others small things safe and convenient. You can even create one as a gift for somebody. If you are thinking about this simple craft project, the following are the methods you can follow:

Have your resources and equipment ready

The things you’ll need to make a zippered pouch consists of a fat quarter (that is a ¼-yard slice of fabric which measures 18” by 22”), a form of zipper which measures 7 inches in length, a zipper foot, a few thread, seam ripper, a tape measure, pins, ironing board and iron, mat and ruler, a pair of scissors, as well as a sewing machine.

Cut down two rectangular pieces from the fat quarter

Utilize the tape measure to determine two rectangles with a dimension of six by 8 inches on the fat quarter. Cut these out.

Sew the rectangle-shaped items together

Place the 2 rectangular items you’ve slice together and place them to ensure that their right portions are side-by-side. Attach them by sewing a basting stitch on one of the long sides. There must be a ½-inch distance between the stitch and the edge of the cloth. You’ll be laying the zipper on this ½-inch space.

Trim the ½-inch seam

Flatten the ½-inch seam simply by pressing it. The seam and fabric should be open. The basting stitch you produced needs to be in the centre with the rest of the cloth folded away within the opposite direction.

Affix the zipper

Put the zipper within the seam you compressed with the zipper face down. Utilize a pin to temporarily affix the zipper on the ½-inch gap. You shouldn’t pin it to the other areas of the fabric. Zip the zipper and, using the zipper ft., sew the zipper sides on the ½-inch allowance on the seam.

Create the covering for the zipper

Start your own job so the right sides aren’t facing upward. Continue working with the zipper ft. and stitch the surrounding areas of the zipper on the upper section of the fabric. You are now doing the flap which is used to cover the zipper. Make sure you sew completely throughout the zipper.

Tear the basting stitches

Utilize the seam ripper to carefully rip the basting stitches outside the center of the rectangle surrounding the zipper. It will make the zipper useful. Unzip the zipper.

Sew the rest of the sides

Fold the cloth to ensure that all the right sides are attached. Attach the other 3 sides by stitching them. Take out the pouch via the zipper so the right side is out.

Your zippered pouch is now complete. You can iron it to flatten folds and crumpled surfaces.