To build a wooden bunk bed, you have to secure the essential elements and tools, connect all the two by 6 boards to the posts, drill holes in the posts and the side boards, attach the sideboards to the posts, drill openings on the footboard and headboard and connect them to the posts, slice the one half inch plywood and attach it, and calculate the area between the lower and upper bunk.

Bunkbeds are the right means to enhance small floor area. This type of bed can also make it possible for two youngsters to obtain privacy even if they are staying in the same bedroom. If you develop your own cheap bunk beds furniture you could save on either money and space. Follow these tips:

Get the required elements as well as devices

To construct a bunkbed, you need to have four pieces of 4 by 4 posts that are 6 feet long, two pieces of 2 by six boards which are about 7.25 feet long, two pieaces of two by 6 boards that are approximately four ft long, two ½ inch plyboard pieces that measure on the subject of thirty-nine by seventy-five inches, bulding tools, lag bolts, washers, and nuts. Make sure your wood pieces match the above dimensions. If not, you might cut them to the suitable length.

Install all of the 2 by six boards to the posts

Mark the inner sides of each 4 by four posts to indicate where the footboard, sideboards, and headboard of the lower of bunk should be. The base edge of the 2 by six side boards should be not less than one foot away from the floor. The footboard and headboard need to be lied on the sideboards. Be sure the two by 4 pieces are connected to the inner areas of your four by 4 posts.

Drill slots on the posts and the side boards

On the exterior side of the four by 4 posts, prepare to drill the slots which will be used to connect the side boards. Make reference to the markings you made for accuracy and do not forget to take the essential measurements. You need to also indicate the holes you’ve drilled in order to form a diagonal line that runs throughout the post. Lat out the pieces that you’ll be drilling and check out the markings you have made. In case you have determined that the markings as well as sizes are exact, you could start drilling the openings through the posts and sideboards.

Connect the sideboards to the posts

After you have drilled the posts and sideboards, you can now connect them together. Make use of the lag bolts to fasten the sideboards to the posts.

Drill holes on the headboard and footboard and connect them to the posts

You’ll now have to drill holes through the headboard and footboard. Once you’ve drilled the slots, you may attach them to the posts using the lag bolts.

Cut the 1/2 inch plywood and connect it

Cut the ½ inch plywood in order that it will fit onto the top of the sideboards. Once the plyboard is the correct dimension, you could connect it to the sideboards utilizing screws.

Estimate the space between the upper and lower bunk

Allocate adequate distance between the upper and lower bunks in order that the occupant on the lower bunk will be able to sit up. After you have accomplished the lower bunk, repeat all of the previous ways to make the upper bunk.

This project will result in a simple bunk bed that can support twin size mattresses.