In the event that you wish to assemble an L-shaped bunk bed, be certain to include the needed equipment and materials, use beams to create the rectangular mattress design, secure the plywood sheet on the framework, install 18-inch posts on the corners, connect the 72-inch posts to the four corners, connect the posts by using the 72-inch plank, put an additional two of posts using the 36-inch plank, and also set up the upper and lower bunks.

L-shaped bunk beds are really a completely unique version on the common bunkbed. Follow this particular set of basic steps to construct an L-shaped bunkbed.

Make sure you have the required tools and supplies

For this project, you’ll require 4 parts of post that measure 6”x6”x72”, 4 posts that measure 6”x6”x18”, 4 beams that measure 2”x4”x75”, 4 beams that have a measurement 2”x4”36”, 2 plyboard sheets having a ½ inch thickness and measuring 75”x39”, 2 planks that measure 1”x12”x72”, 2 planks that have a measurement 1”x12”x33”, 1 box of 3-inch wood screws, an electrical saw, an electrical screwdriver and drill bits.

Make use of beams to form the rectangular mattress frame work

Setup four beams to be able to form a rectangular shape. Make certain they are all installed on the ends that are narrow. The small beams also needs to be placed inside the extended pieces. Connect the parts with each other by using 2 screws for every joint. Push the screw into the lengthy beams and over the small beams.

Attach the plyboard sheet onto the structure

Place the plyboard sheet on the rectangular structure and use wood screws to install the sheet to the framework. You should use a single wood screw for each part and one strengthening screw for every single center of the lengthier sides. Repeat this procedure with the second mattress framework.

Install 18-inch posts on the corners

In a single corner of the structure, position one end of an 18-inch post. Set that in position by using one screw for every single part of the beam. Continue this step until finally you’ve connected a post to each nook of one bed mattress framework.

Install the 72-inch posts on the edges

Place one 72-inch post at each corner of the 2nd bed mattress framework. Place them in place using one screw for each corner of the beam. Continue this process right up until all the other posts are screwed in position.

Connect the actual posts with the 72-inch plank

Make use of 1 of the 72-inch planks to attach a couple of posts on the longer part of the bunk. Be sure that the plank is positioned in a manner that the top is a foot under the lower surface area of the structure. Make use of a screw to secure it in place. Install the second long plank on the very same side. Be certain that you will find a distance of just one foot between the bottom part of the plank and the floor. Make use of screws to attach it in position.

Place an additional set of posts using the 36-inch plank

Utilize the planks that measure thirty-six inches to attach another pair of posts on the smaller end of the framework. It must be located in a method in which the top of the surface of the plank is resting upon the 72-inch plank’s bottom part. Attach a 2nd plank underneath and make certain the bottom of the shorter plank rests on the upper area of the longer one. Repeat the procedure for the opposite end.

Arrange the upper and lower bunks

Position the upper bunk framework with your desired posture. Ensure that the lengthier side with the fastened planks is put against the wall. Put the bottom bunk perpendicular towards the upper bunk frame.

You have now finished building an L-shaped bunk bed and can put twin mattresses on each bunk.