Iftar with Denaihati at Warisan Qaseh

Have you ever been to a retirement home? I have never been to one until one fine day, my blogger friends from Denaihati invited me to experience Iftar with them at Warisan Qaseh, Banting. Warisan Qaseh is a home away from home for old folks.


I thought the place will be absolutely dull, and full with solemn-looking old folks, but I was wrong. It was nothing like that. The environment was something like a resort secluded in a kampung area.


There was a small but functional swimming pool for the residents over here. It was widely used for their recreational programs for the residents over here.image

There was also a garden for the folks there to take an morning or evening stroll. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Warisan Qaseh is a Muslim base retirement home, and therefore, there is a ‘surau’ for the resident to make use of for their daily prayers. This surau is also occasionally used for motivational talks or religious gatherings every now and then.


The rooms that accommodate the residents in Warisan Kaseh was fairly moderate. There was a common area TV and whatnot is situated. There’s also a functional kitchen where the residents are encouraged to cook their own meals whenever they feel like it.

If you’re wondering why I did not post up any pictures of the residents here, well, here is why: The owner of this place, Haji Masrukhin Marzoki has specifically made a request for the media not to expose any of the residents pictures here. They did not wish for their pictures and their personal lives to be on display anywhere on the media, and I’m complying with their requests in respect of their privacy.

According to Tuan Haji, the owner and founder of both Warisan Kaseh and e-Qurban (e-Qurban is a company that helps the Muslims to perform the ritual ‘Qurban’ -the sacrificial slaughtering of lamb, sheep, cows, etc for religious purpose via online), Warisan Kaseh is aimed to be recreational place for the old folks instead of a place for the old folks to waste away and wait for Death to come, like most typical old folks homes in this country.

He wanted to clear the misconception that all old folks homes is a place for old folks to waste away, as Warisan Kaseh is more like a retirement home where most of the residents in this place admits themselves voluntarily to spend a quiet, recreational and spiritual time with friends their age.

It is wrong to accuse the children who sent their old folks here as dumping their parents, as it’s not the case with most of the residents here. Most went willingly to spend their time here, and every now and then, they will go home to their families after spending their time in this place.

Warisan Kaseh is not just an old folks homes, but a retirement home for the residents to spend their time doing things that they want to do with friends of their age freely, without interruption. The old folks here are free to come and go come and go as they pleased. Great concept, I must say, as lot of old folks feels bored just staying at home in their children’s place and whatnot, and this place is just the thing that they need to feel useful and alive again.



After a short interview session with the Tuan Haji and browsing around the vicinity of the place, it’s time for iftar (breaking fast).


The thirst quencher was one of my favourite that day…cendol…cold and sweet…


The traditional Malaysian favourite, chicken/beef satay

Whole roasted lamb….quite a rare sight in my opinion…you don’t always have these on normal days…


Some marinated fried chicimage

Finger food…image



Some sweet-sour prawns…


Children from the nearest orphanage were also invited to the iftar with the good folks in Warisan Kasih.

Overall, it was really a good experience for me to be with the good folks in Denaihati for the iftar… I learned quite a lot during the visit…one of which is old folks’ thinking and psychological needs.

Here’s the address to Warisan Kaseh case you’re interested to drop by:

Lot 3886, Kampung Sungai Kelambu Timur,
42700 Banting, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-3187 5304 / 013-388 8234
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]Disclaimer: Picture credits goes to cleffairy.com

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