River Flows In You

If you come to this website often enough, and spent some time on browsing around in this site, you will realize that there is a small mp3 widget at the top right of the page. And when you click it, Read More


分手後看到你 坐下來聊一聊 這些年妳好像沒有變老 一聊到了過去妳就開心的笑 你和我又像被甜蜜擁抱 以為這個年紀沒有誰是忘不了 沒有誰真正在心房打擾 沒想到一見你 我的心 還是繞著妳跳 原來我從來沒有把你忘掉 忘不了 忘不了 有的人你就是忘不了 不見面還好 一見心就要燃燒 忘不了 忘不了 時間沒把感覺淡掉 以為放手了就好 原來她永遠 是你的心跳

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here, I would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year! May you have a prosperous year of Water Dragon! Yes, I know, I am 7 days late. So I would also like to wish you a Happy Human Day! Read More

Emi Fujita – How Did I Fall in Love with You

I heard this song two days ago in Facebook. It was posted by a friend of mine. Anyway, since I like it a lot due to it is so sweet and it is making my feel very relax. So I Read More