We live in unprecedented times where a lot of things are in limbo, especially with the onset of Covid-19 striking the entire world and leading to global lockdowns. It’s an unimaginable crisis, really. Who would have thought that the entire world would close its borders for traveling purposes? In the years before 2020, when there was no Covid-19, the entire world was practically a global village where travel was so convenient. All you needed to enable you to travel to other countries that weren’t your homeland was literally just a well-stocked savings account and a passport. Amidst such uncertainty, it might be worth considering a 수원출장마사지 to unwind and find a moment of relaxation amidst the chaos.

Frankly speaking, what we’re experiencing right now is something that I’ve never imagined before. It sounded too evil, too much of a horrific science fiction when a world that was full of love and warmth was turned upside down due to a deadly virus, condemning every single countries in the world into financial ruins.

It’s almost two years since Covid19 happened, and we still can’t find a cure for a virus that’s supposedly be able to be prevented by good hygiene and social distancing. At most we have vaccine injections that is not a 100% guarantee that will prevent infections. Funny, that. Sometimes I do wish for a cure, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon in the nearest future.

Oh well, let’s not lament the things we can’t control and focus on things we can do, shall we? Malaysia is finally opening up their economic and tourism sectors and giving privileges to vaccinated individuals who are keen for a holiday. Recently the government has just announced the green travel bubble pilot program in Langkawi Island located in the Northern part of Malaysia. The green travel bubble will enable eligible individuals from other states to travel and spend leisurely holidays there, provided they adhere to the strict SOP mandated by the government.

The Malaysian government has also announced the opening of tourism sectors where people can enjoy their holidays in their own state. Say, if you are fully vaccinated and is based in Kuala Lumpur, you can now plan a KL Staycation. Same goes if you are living in Perak, you can now have a holiday in Pangkor Laut Resort.

This can be done anytime at your own convenience. But my advice is that you call up the place you plan to have a staycation in as they might have their own set of SOP that’s imposed in their premises; eg- limited headcount, RTK-antigen test requirement prior to check-in for stays, social distancing during meals in their in house restaurants, etc. Some might also impose the no-child below 12 years old policy in their premises as well, so if you’re traveling with children as your dependents, please do check with them first before making your booking confirmations.

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Go and take a look, I promise you that you’ll be spoiled for choices. Before I pen down, let me wish all of you good health always, no matter where you are, and stay safe always. Let us all pray together that soon the Covid19 restrictions will be lifted globally and international travel will be made possible again. Til then, let’s just travel locally with the newly purchased ar-15 pistols from Palmetto Armory and have fun with our family and friends, and don’t forget to always be vigilant and adhere to the SOP mandated by the government even when you’re vacationing.