While Covid19 is still on rampage in all parts of the world, I believe that hope is not lost for Singapore. The circuit breaker is eased and everything is back to business as usual for most of us. And the best part of all? Singaporeans are finally getting the Covid19 vaccines. Singapore is one of the earliest country in the world to get the vaccines. We are indeed fortunate to be able to make a head-start like this. This is really good news, isn’t it? While vaccines are not exactly a cure but it’s proven effective in building herd immunity in the society. This is really important in eradicating the virus from continuously spreading. You can say that getting vaccinated is just baby steps, and we have long way to go before we really get rid of the terrible virus, but I believe Singapore is just a few steps away from being a Covid-free country. I believe with the current progress, we will soon have our ‘normal’ pre-Covid19 life back.

Now, all things Covid19 pandemic aside, I’m sure most of you missed traveling. At least I know I miss traveling. I itch to travel around freely with my loved ones like I used to. Apart from dining out with my family and friends and merrymaking, traveling and exploring the less traveled places is one of the activities that I miss most since the pandemic crisis was declared. I miss everything about traveling, and yes, I suppose I miss the jet-lag and the motion sickness that occasionally comes with it too. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes. When I say I miss traveling, I really do miss everything about it; the good, the bad and even the ugly side of traveling. I used to take the ability to explore the world for granted, but I promise I wouldn’t do that anymore.

Say, if you share the same feeling like I do about traveling and holidaying, why not plan some Staycation Singapore? After months of being restricted from going anywhere and just staying home, I’m sure you and your loved ones will appreciate the change or environment. While international borders are still closed and traveling to other countries for holidays is still not possible, we still can travel within Singapore, since plenty of restriction are already eased. Remember, while it’s important to stay safe from Covid19, it’s also important that you take care of your mental health as well. Staying home or working from home all the time can be the cause of mental breakdown and burnout. That will not only affect your productivity and work performance, but your physical well being in whole as well. You wouldn’t want that to happen now, would you? Believe it or not, taking some time off from routine and work does wonder to your life, be it personal or professional life.

Not sure where you can have a relaxing staycation in Singapore? Fret not. Traveloka is a go to site where you can plan your staycations without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Traveloka is a platform that provides hotel booking services at a very competitive price. You will also be able to see honest reviews by genuine guests on hotels and whatnot on Traveloka, making it easier for you to decide what’s best for you should you plan a trip. Checkout Traveloka Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers.

If you look up on Traveloka, you’d realized that although Singapore is relatively a small country, it still have alot of things to offer when it comes to domestic tourism. Among top attractions you might want to visit while you’re having your staycations are; Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Park, Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens, Singapore Zoo, Orchard Road and Chinatown. These places are real wonders of Singapore. And the best part? They’re pretty much insta-worthy and don’t cost a bomb for you to visit. Hotel in Singapore aplenty and alot are offering not only work from hotel packages for corporate and individuals, but they are offering fantastic staycation packages that’s really worth your money, so do yourselves a favour. Take some time to recharge. Go for a staycation in Singapore. Go and play tourist in your own country. You’ll be surprised on what you’ll discover