I participated in #NUNomNomNom food trail program hosted by NU Sentral for the members of the media recently in conjunction with their 3rd anniversary celebration and was given the privileges to dine in at some of their tenants’ outlet and here’s compiling the list of restaurants that I think is worth your consideration should you want to dine in NU Sentral. If you want juice from a Clean Juice Franchise, you can click here!

1. Paddington House of Pancakes
Outlet location: L4.11

 photo 20170415_155902_zps2z4d5nje.jpg

If you are a fan of pancakes, then this is the place for you. Paddington House of Pancakes offers pancakes from all around the world, both savoury and sweet versions. Recommended things order as below:

 photo 20170415_162249_zpsl08vhzt6.jpg


 photo 20170415_162135_zpsv7wmorls.jpg

Monaco Savoury Flapjack

 photo 20170415_162911_zpsgiojj2so.jpg

Strawberry New York Cheesecake

 photo 20170415_161700_zpsawzhwdq8.jpg

Chocolate Fondue

2. B.bap Korean Food
Outlet Location: GF 0.8

 photo 20170415_124920_zps3nvs6tem_edit_1493220137464_zpsp9ezdumo.jpg

A Kpop or Kdrama dramas fan? Wanna indulge in some authentic Korean food without going to Korea? Then head over to B.bap. This restaurant serves nice Korean food that will make you want seconds. Recommended items to order as below:

 photo 20170415_124902_zpss30cw9bv.jpg

Teok Bokki

 photo 20170415_130951_zpsljl1oqvm.jpg

Seafood Pancake

 photo 20170415_125151_zps4htwgdso_edit_1493094006749_zpsak2y4gwx.jpg

Dolsot Bibimbap Octopus

 photo 20170415_124227_zpspfkb7pcx.jpg

Kimchi Jiggae Beef

 photo 20170415_124541_zpsrfqijo8v.jpg

Soon Dubu Jiggae

3. BUILT Custom Burgers
Outlet location: L4.10

 photo 20170415_195737_zpsg5y2f9ds.jpg

Wanna customize your own burger meal? BUILT Burgers will allow you to do that, with an option of buns or bowl meal, and you can go crazy with the toppings and sauces. Below is some that I managed to customize during my visit:

 photo 20170415_201505_zpsewi8g978.jpg

Custom Built Beef Bowl

 photo 20170415_201805_zpslirvkzus.jpg

Custom Built Chicken Bowl

4. Manhattan Fishmarket
Outlet location: L4.06

 photo 20170415_172911_zpsfx66aalj.jpg

In the mood for seafood? Get some at Manhattan Fishmarket. This restaurant is not only offering great seafood but fast service as well. Great for hungry tummies who can’t wait to be fed. Recommended item on the menu as below:

 photo 20170415_174048_zpszrl6kiq6.jpg

Small Flame Garlic Herb Rice with Chips

5. Franco
Outlet location: L3.06.07

 photo 20170415_191331_zpskvg8zqqr_edit_1493220664239_zpsvcwkw4u6.jpg

If you are the sort who likes casual dining with affordable pricetag on your meals, then Franco is the place for you. Below are some of the recommended items on their menu:

 photo 20170415_193140_zps5iwljcvc.jpg

Souffle Cheese

 photo 20170415_192315_zpsv2ijovcf.jpg

Ice Tea with Softie and Matcha Smoothie

 photo 20170415_193030_zpsw7ppsxnx.jpg

Berries Cheesecake

6. Hoagies Hauz
Outlet location: L5.11

 photo 20170415_205852_zpsvikgyobr.jpg

Need a quick, filling bite before you go for your movie date? Drop by the Hoagies Hauz. You may dine in or just grab and go your meals. They have plenty of interesting Hoagies sandwiches offered on their menu, but here’s some house recommendation:

 photo 20170415_211436_zpshecdi0ux.jpg

Cheezy Melt Steak, Beefy Patty Melt,
Aloha Hawaiian Chicken and The Signature Hoagie

7. Dolly Dimsum
Outlet location:LG.43

 photo 20170415_133557_zps3lccberx.jpg

Want to have a bit of everything over a cuppa? Dolly Dimsum will do you good. Offering pork-free Dimsums for you to graze throughout the day, this place is great for both breakfast and teatime. Some recommended ala carte items on their menu is as below:

 photo 20170415_135234_zpsjx1qoypu.jpg

Egg Custard Bun, Salad Prawn Dumpling, Har Gao Dumpling, Yam Croquette, Siew Mai Dumpling and Dolly Mozza Roll

8. Sushi Tei
Outlet location: CC.06

 photo 20170415_144450_zpsyjmbyrxy.jpg

Japanese food lovers will be pleased to know that NU Sentral have a few Japanese food lurks. Among the famous ones is the Sushi Tei. They offer quite a wide variety on their menu and some that’s recommended to us is as below:

 photo 20170415_150348_zpsywejwuqn.jpg

Kirishima, Tan Tan Ramen and Soft Shell Crab Kani Salad

9. La Juiceria
Outlet location: LG.44

 photo 20170415_183159_zps99tko931.jpg

On a strict diet, eating clean or wanna detox? Or simply just wanna have something refreshing? La Juiceria is the place you must drop by. They offer nothing but cold pressed juices and detox shots along with some healthy wraps for a quick bite.

 photo 20170415_183031_zpswj9lnsn2.jpg

Some of their recommended juices.

NU Sentral is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. And being nearby KL Sentral, it is easily reachable via public transport like LRT, ERL, KTM, Monorail and even buses. NU Sentral is also UBER friendly, so do hop by and treat yourselves with some good food.