Busy working? Need a quick Japanese food fix? You might want to try Yoshinoya or Hanamaru Udon. Outlet is recently opened and located in Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur.

My wife and I were recently invited for their launching and we managed to try some of the things that Hanamaru Udon are offering.

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Hanamaru was founded in 2001 in Takamatsu, the capital city of Kagawa Prefecture, where Japan’s famous home of Udon. They have 13 types of Udons available at this outlet. Price range from RM7 for a basic udon (zaru Udon, Kamaage Udon and Kake udon). They also have standard Udon (RM8 – Bukkake, Ontama Bukkake, Kamatama, Kitsune, Wakame),and chef’s specialty (Salad Udon, Curry Udon, and Beef Udon) and Chicken Soup Udon.

Here’s sharing with you we managed to try.

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Kitune Udon, Curry Udon, Karaage,  Yasai Age, Ebi Tempura, Chawan Mushi

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Spicy Miso Chicken Udon, Kakiage

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Curry Udon (RM10) It is not only flavourful, but a tad spicy as well. Not very common for Japanese curries but my wife loves this.

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Spicy Miso Chicken Udon (RM12) was rich and flavourful but definitely not for those who doesn’t like spicy food. This one gives lingering aftertaste after you had them.

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Kitsune Udon (RM8). Kitsune Udon is a delicious dish made with thick udon noodles served in a dashi based soup stock and served with a piece of fried tofu. Great for children or for those who prefers simple udons.

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Beef Udon (RM12). I did not had this. My wife and son shared this bowl of udons, so no comment here.

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Karaage (RM12), This Karaage is one of those dishes that strikes the perfect balance between flavor, texture and richness. Ebi Tempura (RM20) on the other hand, was a just all right. Quite oily in my opinion though.

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Yasai Age (RM6) . This can be had on it’s own or you can add it as a side dish to your udons. Love the taste and the texture.

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Sweet Potato Tempura(RM3) and Kakiage (RM3). The sweet potato is just so-so in my opinion. Nothing to complain and nothing to shout about either, but the Kakiage is adeptly fried and rather wholesome.

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Chawan Mushi (RM8) is worth you calories, definitely. I like the taste and the texture and this one is generously filled with fillings too.

Drooling? Wanna try the Udons in Hanamaru? Below is the details of the restaurant:

Business hours: 11am-10pm daily.

Location: Lot T-015B, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. (Opposite exhibition hall)

Outlet is Pork Free

Tel: 03-2201 8789