Hosting a company event? Finding a quiet, classy and intimate place for a business lunch or dinner with your clients/prospects? Celebrating a successfully closed deal with your colleagues? Not sure where to go? Well, here’s a recommendation; take hospitality to literally a higher level at Resort Seafood Steamboat Restaurant.

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Located 6, 000 ft above sea level at Level 1 in Resort Hotel at Resorts World Genting, this restaurant offers classy steamboat dining where you can bring your clients over for a steamboat meal.

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Resort Seafood Steamboat offers four private rooms, with the first two offerings two huge dining tables that can cater up to 20 persons.

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For those who prefers to choose their own soup and eat at their leisure instead of sharing a large pot, the third and the fourth room offers a place that can not only accomodate 15 and 20 guests respectively but offers individual steamboat pot option as well. The private rooms are definitely perfect for a company gathering.

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The restaurant offers three different steamboat packages ranging from RM756- RM1,650 to allow diners to make their selection from an array of raw and marinated ingredients, which then can be cooked at their table.

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Recommended order is this:Seafood Sauna Layer Pot, a set for 8 pax-10pax (RM688 for Genting Rewards card members and RM758 for non members).

A Steamboat Feast at Resort Seafood Steamboat, Resorts World Genting: Seafood Sauna Layer Pot Set

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Take a look at the video above. The Seafood Sauna Layer Pot set comes pre-assembled with seafood items arranged in tiers.

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What’s impressive about this steamboat meal is its concept where you are supposed to enjoy the steamed seafood layer by layer from the first pot on the top to the bottom instead of dumping everything into the soup base. The meal gets better as you go along with your meal as the juicy goodness from the pots will drip into the next pot, adding and enhancing flavours to the items inside.

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First layer of the seafood sauna: Grass prawns, squids, scallops, green mussels and sweet corns.

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Second layer of the seafood sauna: Huge and meaty live crabs with sweet corns.

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Third layer of the seafood sauna: Salmon fish head soup.

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Accompanying vegetable to be paired with the soup base: spinach.

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Also included in the set is an accompanying platter of assorted steamboat items with the usual suspects of enokitake mushrooms, Shittake mushrooms, King of oyster myshrooms, fuzuk mushroom rolls, unbreaded crabmeats, Teowchew wantans, sui kow dumplings, chilli fishballs, chicken supreme slices and fishballs. This is to be cooked last when you are done enjoying the food items from the first and the second pot.

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Ginger Egg Fried rice. Many would opt to enjoy the fried rice on its own but should you order the Seafood Sauna Steamboat set, it is recommended that you consume this last by putting it into the soup base when you are done eating all the seafood item and make a porridge out of it. The strong ‘gingery’ taste of the fried complement the fish head soup really well.

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Resort Seafood Steamboat also offers an array of specially made dipping sauces to go with your meal. Most of the sauces are strongly flavoured and created to complement the fresh seafood offerings.

The service crews are attentive and offers great hospitality. Most of them are eager to help and serving time are always fast and timely and therefore, you can never go wrong should you host any important business lunch/dinner or events over here.

Resort Seafood Steamboat Restaurant is also a very family friendly restaurant and of course, should you want to bring your family and friends over for some unique and delicious steamboat experience, you are most welcome to do so as well. It is definitely a great place for family bonding as well. Great food, great hospitality, a meal that requires you to put your gadgets away and actually interact with each other, what more can you ask for? I certainly recommend this restaurant should you want a great meal with a view and not to mention a wonderful dining experience.

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Walk ins are welcomed but bookings and reservations is recommended for large groups, especially if you would like to request for the private rooms.

For more information on current ongoing promos and anything else on the menu please refer to the information below:

Resort Seafood
Level One Resort Hotel, Resorts World Genting
Genting Highlands 69000, Malaysia

Opening Hours
12pm to 2.30pm and 6pm to 10pm (Daily)

Contact number: +60 6036 1011 118

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