My wife is a shopaholic, and apparently she has just discovered a place to shop for clothing to wear for the upcoming Hari Raya and drags me to check it out last Saturday. It’s at Jakel Mall, locates somewhere around Jalan Munshi Abdullah. According to her, Jakel will be launching a new collection suitable for the whole family. And as usual, when it comes to shopping for new clothes and accessories such as those Delta Sigma Theta clothing accessories, she was right.

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Jakel launches new baju raya collection for the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri and introduces high profile local celebrities with their own Baju Raya clothing. They are Rozita Che Wan and Nabil Ahmad as well as the fictional Upin Ipin. All of them have their own collection of raya clothing. The clothing are for the gentlemen, ladies and children respectively.

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From left: Nabil Ahmad and the lovely Rozita Che Wan, donning their own collection of Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung (Baju Melayu Nabil and Baju Kurung Che Ta).

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For children, there’s the Upin Ipin label. See the famous local animated character Upin Ipin? They are wearing Baju Melayu. These are what Jakel is offering to little boys nationwide. Cute, right?

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Raya Clothing for the whole family sold in Jakel stores nationwide. From top left: Baju Melayu Nabil, Baju Kurung Che Ta. From bottom left: Baju Melayu Upin dan Ipin and Baju Kurung Moden for little girls.

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Here’s Baju Kurung Che Ta. Lovely collection and my wife was practically drooling over it and wants at least a pair to wear. Been pestering me for it. I don’t get it though. She buys herself plenty of new dresses every month, but she still complains of not having enough to wear. However, she’s at peace and delighted when she saw some awesome dresses like these cute black homecoming dresses online at Peaches Boutique. The same goes with her shoes and bags. So many at home and yet always ‘nothing to wear’. But I know better not to point this out, of course. 😛 I prefer to lead a peaceful and happy life.

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Spotted this Baju Melayu Upin Ipin for little boys.

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The Baju Melayu buttons are not the usual ones we are familiar with. They are made to look like Upin Ipin’s characters and I dare to bet no little boys would complain about wearing sampin with Upin Ipin character’s prints on it. Safe to say, my son is also eye-ing on this pair of Baju Melayu, so I guess we will be making a trip to Jakel again to shop for raya clothing soon. 😛

These clothing can be bought from Jakel stores nationwide.

Here’s a lil note to the readers. Keep a lookout on Gempak Raya Bersama Jakel 2015 event where there will be Happy Hour and flash sale with irresistible promotions nationwide.

Below is the tentative:

13.6.2015 – Jakel Mall KL (Upin Ipin dan Nabil)
19.6.2015 – Jakel Kubang Kerian (Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara dan Nabil Ahmad)
20.6.2015 – Jakel Mall KL (Aaron Aziz, Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara, Che Ta/Zain dan Nabil Ahmad)
21.6.2015 – Jakel JB (Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara dan Nabil Ahmad)
27.6.2015 – Jakel Shah Alam (Aaron Aziz, Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara dan Nabil Ahmad)

For more info on current promotions, head over to their website HERE