Selamat Hari Raya

To everyone who are celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri (In Malaysia) a.k.a Eid ul-Fitr (In Arabs), I would like to wish you “Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir & Batin” and “Eid Mubarak“.

Since Hari Raya is a harmony day, so I will not use any vulgar words in today’s article.

For those who do not know why it is called Eid ul-Fitr in Arab, but not Aidilfitri, here is the reason (I found it from wikipedia).
In different country, there is a lot of different way to call it and its way of greeting for Eid is also different.
But here, I only concentrate on Malaysia ones as I am a Malaysian.

There is also different ways to celebrate Eid in every country. Some of the country didn’t celebrate Eid with a grand way, but they celebrate Qurban with the grand way.
In Malaysia, we celebrate Eid until so grand, even bigger than the country independence day!

How we celebrate Eid in Malaysia?
Of course with the Malaysia way lar!
Eat! Eat! and Eat!

Aside of eat, of course there is something else.
Malay family will usually visit the grave of their relatives to pay respect at the 1st day of Eid.
And same like other country, Muslims are fasting for the whole month of Ramadan.
The one whole month of fasting is not only not eating from morning to evening, but also they must be polite to everyone (no using F words) and have to be forgiveness (Although from what I see, a lot of them just not eating, but still behave the same, not all of them, ok? Just a lot of them).
Older people usually will give a green color packet to younger people(not married)/children where there is some money inside. Read the wikipedia if you want to know more about duit raya. If you are an adult already and still receiving duit raya, then you should consider to start giving duit raya! Don’t so “tak tau malu”! You are not a children anymore!

Eid in Malaysia is not celebrated by Muslims only, other races also visit to Muslim friends house to greet them and celebrate with them. This is how Malaysia able to reach unity and we are able to live in harmony!

Ok, now talk about the Malaysian way of celebrating. What food we can eat at Eid?
Rice cooked in bamboo.

Rice wrapped in coconut leaves, similar with lemang.

Beef, Chicken or Lamb curry. Usually eat with lemang and ketupat during Eid and it taste nice!

There is a lot more! But I only put those important ones here.
And guess what? I am going to eat all these foods later!