Nook will feature traditional local Malay delicacies, succulent barbecue, seafood delights and juicy roasted whole lamb this coming Ramadan 2015. They showcased a lot of food items but here’s highlighting some of the delicacies that is worth mentioning.
The buffet line-up offers an extensive selection of Malay dishes and regional specialities, along with appetisers, salad, condiments, breads, soups, main dishes, action counters and desserts.

Chef Adri and team has crafted the menus this year, adding in more local delights into the buffet, offering Chef’s star dishes such as Stuffed Whole Lamb Kuzi.

 photo IMG_0386_zpsigq6c6c5.jpg

Lamb Kuzi.

 photo IMG_0431_zpsnl8qhy9t.jpg

Nasi Briyani

 photo IMG_0427_zpsj74dskpa.jpg

A selection of curries in pot for your to pair your Nasi Briyani with.

 photo IMG_0428_zps6t2jq0js.jpg

Beef  Rendang

 photo IMG_0429_zpsjzybypbb.jpg

Dhal Curry

 photo IMG_0436_zpsrx3oanhp.jpg

Ayam Percik

 photo IMG_0440_zpslbtunbb6.jpg

Pajeri Terung

 photo IMG_0498_zpsk8svx6tf.jpg

Apart from assorted curries specially cooked for you to pair with the Nasi Briyani, there is also assorted sambals and curries served in claypots for your takings.

 photo IMG_0451_zpsj5ukcmzn.jpg

Sambal Udang Petai

 photo IMG_0452_zps1sy8kzyo.jpg

Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis

 photo IMG_0449_zpsz8wx2suo.jpg

Fish Head Curry

 photo IMG_0450_zpsdsusumxu.jpg

Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Api

 photo IMG_0420_zpsvexh2muf.jpg

If you are not into strongly flavoured rice, you can try Nook’s steamed Chicken Rice with condiments.

 photo IMG_0421_zpsgkbijgdk.jpg

Steamed Chicken.

 photo IMG_0532_zpszq8rhsmk.jpg

Porridge and condiments

 photo IMG_0555_zpsgzy6ptfx.jpg

One of the not to be missed Ramadan’s special, the Bubur Lambuk.

 photo IMG_0488_zpsa0u97i7y.jpg

Dimsum is also available

 photo IMG_0412_zpscwx2jhpr.jpg

Sarawak Laksa is available at the action counter

 photo IMG_0417_zpswfldq3bl.jpg

All time Malaysian favourite, the chapati

 photo IMG_0485_zpszb7w4ah2.jpg

Spotted some beef and chicken satay too.

 photo IMG_0528_zpspfou3yea.jpg

Street food favourite like Roti John is also available.

 photo IMG_0484_zpsiwtadnvp.jpg

The grill section featured some interesting sea products like BBQ squids, fish and cockles.

 photo IMG_0411_zpsvljyjgwt.jpg

There is plenty of fried fritters too over here.

 photo IMG_0408_zpsmznkhhfd.jpg

The Ayam Goreng Berempah

 photo IMG_0477_zpswybkosbs.jpg

Spotted a lone pan of pasta over here.

 photo IMG_0475_zps6jpmkwgn.jpg

The lamb stew is a must try too.

 photo IMG_0491_zpsiuooagcj.jpg

Betis Lembu Rendang

 photo IMG_0464_zpsdf3bkitv.jpg

The salad counter

 photo IMG_0406_zps5l0rkp0e.jpg


 photo IMG_0407_zpsiusaagvk.jpg

Fresh local fruits and pickles.

 photo IMG_0400_zpscxdrt0ji.jpg

Nook’s fun Ice Kacang.

 photo IMG_0460_zpsvjdon3b7.jpg

Traditional Malay kuih is spotted at the dessert section.

 photo IMG_0455_zpsjsppzbjs.jpg

Temptations in the form of food.

 photo IMG_0393_zpsumbuxdce.jpg

Chocolate Swiss Cake

 photo IMG_0394_zps2oaywnuq.jpg

Custard Pudding

 photo IMG_0395_zpse4r3pzhj.jpg

Caramel Pudding

 photo IMG_0392_zps3nq9uax0.jpg


Fancy some sweet and delicious moments with your loved ones too this coming Ramadan 2015? Well then, book Early! A-list Malaysian Feast buffet is priced at RM110nett per person and early bird special is available from 1 May until 21 June at RM90nett for 30 vouchers and below and RM80nett for 31 vouchers and above! Chef’s A-List Malaysian Feast is available from 22 June till 16 July 2015.

Nook is located at Level 1, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral and is open daily from 6.30am to 12am. For more information, please call +603 2723 1154 or zip an email to [email protected]